Hey babe!

Welcome to the Empire of high vibe, strong women determined to transform their life through self-love & delicious food!

If you’re tired of:



counting calories,

food rules,


overeating ..

all while feeling miserable when you look in the mirror,

This is the place you’ve been looking for!

I’m Nina, self-love coach, nutritionist, anti-diet advocate & NLP student.

My mission is to empower you to realise you’re perfect, just the way you are!

In my Empire, we focus on self-love & nutrition, because I know, from my own experience, that no diet helps – no matter how many pounds you lose or gain, mirror cannot become your friend until you love yourself.

Once you learn to love your body, your body will reflect that love back by being vibrant, healthy & even more gorgeous!

And you have all the reason to love your beautiful body – it brought you here, to this moment, it’s been there your whole life, silently working 24/7 for you, without you ever having to question it or push it – even if you’re insulting it.

I’m here to:

help you realise exactly how awesome your body is

help you practice self-love, which naturally leads to healthier choices in life

equip you with delicious recipes with a Mediterranean touch

I want to help you appreciate yourself so much that it becomes almost impossible to choose doing things that are not nourishing you!

With this new feeling, it’ll be completely painless & natural for you to let go & embrace the shape your body is supposed to be in.

Your body knows exactly what it needs & wants to be in its perfect state – all you need to do is listen!

Once you give up expectations & ultimatums you put for yourself like

I’ll love my body when I lose 10 pounds“,

I’ll be satisfied with myself when I look like she does“ or

I’ll care for myself when I don’t look like shit“

& focus on accepting who you already are – everything turns around!

You have the power to absolutely adore what you see in the mirror & feel wonderful about yourself

You have the power to change your life by simply falling in love with yourself!

Here you’ll find gentle guidance through this amazing journey, loaded with



helpful nutritional infos

delicious recipes with Mediterranean touch to help making nourishing choices – logical ones!

Let’s dive into the biggest adventure you’ve ever had together, shall we?