When I found out how close my daughter’s summer holidays were, I legit freaked out. How am I gonna do my business stuff with her sitting next to me all the time?! How am I gonna survive this?!

In an instant, I went to a panic mode. Instead of focusing on all the awesome things we’ll be able to do, I focused on work. My stress levels erupted & the spiral of worrying thoughts kept on going. Something innocent as having summer holidays became, in my mind, an end of my business.

I let stress take over & the more I thought about it, of course, the more stressful I became.

All for what?


Perhaps you may think my example is a bit exaggerated, but it’s the truth. And I know I’m not the only one.


Many of us here are driven women, bursting with world-changing ideas, ready to conquer. I see my newsfeed regularly filled with “hustle hustle hustle” messages, putting endless work on a pedestal, as an only way to achieve all we want to achieve.

Although there’s nothing wrong with working, for many of us it’s easy to get lost in the hustle & lose touch with ourselves + what’s really important.

As you can imagine, this can & does lead to stress. There’s only so much pressure our mind, soul & body can handle before overwhelm. And when it does overwhelm, our body gives us clear signals.

You stop feeling good in your body. You get irritated by tiny stuff. It gets hard to control your temper. You notice your breath getting faster, heavier. You get sweaty easily. Sleeping well becomes a distant memory.

At first, signs are easy to ignore. With time, however, our body gets louder & louder. It’s out job to listen to everything our body is trying to tell us & then take care of ourselves. Unapologetically.

It’s out job to listen to everything our body is trying to tell us & then take care of ourselves. Unapologetically. Click To Tweet

Sure, a bit of stress is okay – after all, stress helped us survive long time ago. But we’re just not meant to live in a constant state of stress. Chronic stress can lead to many diseases and, even if it didn’t, it’s not fun. It’s not joyful. It’s also not welcomed in a self-loving life.

When we’re suffering from chronic stress & don’t take care of ourselves, it’s not only our problem. You see, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

I know you’ve probably heard me say this before, but it’s so crucial to understand that I’m gonna repeat it as much as needed.

If our inner cup is not filled, we have nothing to give away. Therefore, taking best possible care of ourselves is beneficial for everyone & is completely selfless.

(In the more spiritual sense, taking loving care of ourselves elevates our vibrational frequency, which in turn elevates the vibrational frequency of the entire planet. Meaning it’s your primary job to make sure you’re taken care of! Also, if you’d like me to share more of the spiritual stuff, let me know & I’ll gladly do so :))


Which is why I wanted to share with you five easy ways you can take care of yourself & eliminate stress right now. For the highest good of everyone involved.


1. Breathe

I love this advice because it’s the simplest thing we can do to help ourselves – anywhere, anytime. Take a 2 minute break & focus on breathing deeply, slowly. Feel the way air goes in. Immerse in the breath completely.

Calm breath sends signals to our body that everything’s fine & we’re safe. Slow & deep breaths help slow down our heart rate & lower our blood pressure; defeating the effects of stress.


2. Be mindful

Being present in the moment is one of the best possible practices you can include in your daily life right now. Whatever you’re doing, you can be mindful about it.

Cooking? Smell everything, feel the texture, focus completely on the task. Being mindful is like an active meditation. Bring awareness to everything you do & you’ll be surprised how much more you become aware of. Your entire life becomes richer. It’s wonderful, I promise!

3. Laugh

Laughing is another action you can take to tell your body that you’re safe & everything is perfect. It helps boost our mood & is the best medicine! So, go watch that funny cat video or find that friend who always makes you laugh. Or remember that time you thought of somehting so funny that you were laughing out loud while walking down the street & couldn’t stop.

Great thing about laughing is that you can instanly use it to boost everyone’s mood. See, taking care of yourself makes you more valuable to others!


4. Move your booty

Moving our bodies is so beneficial that it requires the whole article dedicated only to movement. It helps us instanly feel better, it gets the blood moving. It just feels fantastic.

I’m not talking here about 3 hours workout. Bathing in your sweat is not necessary to reap the benefits (although it does feel amazing). I’m talking about any quick movement you can include in anything you’re doing.

When working, take 2 minutes break & jump a few times. Do a headstand or a few squats. Enjoy a minute stretching in a downward dog pose. Dance around. Make it silly & fun. While you’re at it, turn on some music.

That being said, if you do have more than 2 minutes – take a whole yoga class. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular choices for stress relief. And it’s because it works magic.


5. Get social

People who have strong social relationships are healthier & happier. According to science, they also live longer. (1)

Humans are social beings. We belong together.

On one hand, I may not be the perfect person to preach this because I have very few people in my life (but I’m working on it & if you want to connect, reach out – I love people!). On the other hand, this circumstance is exactly why I understand the importance of connection.

It doesn’t matter if it’s reaching out for support or supporting others. Or just having fun, laughing together. Life is so much easier when you have people to share it with. Trust me, being alone & isolated most of your time may seem like a great idea, but it gets old quickly. Surround yourself with people!

Note; no matter how important it is to have social connections, be mindful who you’re with. People who don’t have your best interest in their minds are not worthy of your time.


Closing thoughts

These are my favorite ways to handle stress at any given time. Of course, there are tons of other ways, especially if you carve the time for yourself (which you should!), but these are kinda on-the-go. Sometimes all we have is 2 minutes. And it’s enough.

No matter how much time you have, prioritizing yourself is a choice. There’s always something you can do for yourself. And if you think you can’t – just think of the price you could potentially pay if you let stress take over. It’s just not worth it. Especially not for a woman who loves herself & who has a potential to change the world. You are that woman.


If you need a super cute reminder of how amazing you are, head straight here – nothing better than starting your day with a coffee mug telling you you’re magnificent!!




How did you prioritize yourself today?

What’s your favorite way to handle stress?

Let me know, I love hearing from you!


Lots of love,


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