As I’ve mentioned many times before, the key to my own freedom was discovering self-love.
I see concept of self-love being thrown around quite often lately. This is amazing & I strongly believe we should talk about it as often as possible & promote it to those who didn’t discover it yet.
Because it’s life changing. And when you change your life, you’re able to positively influence lives of everyone around you. Therefore, your self-love can change the world.

Yes, yes, you may think I’m thinking quite broad, and I fully agree, but I urge you to consider this vision nevertheless.
It’s like butterfly effect. When you’re at peace within yourself & love yourself, you naturally act different.
No self-loving woman who knows who she is at the very core of her being will consciously choose actions that would hurt others.
And a woman who loves herself will see loving parts of everyone around her, choosing to act according to these.
A woman who loves herself will naturally choose compassion.
She will offer help, she will offer love to everyone around her. She will have a few nice words for everyone.

As she does that – being wonderfully herself, people around her pick up on her loving energy & feel better themselves. When they feel better themselves, guess what kind of actions they’re naturally lean towards. That’s right – loving actions.

Just like that, love we feel for ourselves can be changing who knows how many lives!

So, I’d say loving yourself is pretty important for everyone’s well being, not only yours. Loving yourself is not selfish, it’s absolutely crucial.

Therefore, I’m all for talking about self-love & promoting its power as much as possible. Especially since we, as women, often learn to take care of everyone except ourselves. Some of us even take pride in being “victims of life”.

Self-love is defined as the instinct by which one’s actions are directed to the promotion of one’s own welfare or well-being, especially an excessive regard for one’s own advantage.

The definition is cool, but how do we translate this into simple, everyday actions we can take?

I believe self-loving actions differ for each of us – while some of us would imagine the day of self-love taking a bath with a glass of wine, others would imagine self-love as running 5 miles with a dog. Or both.

It’s important to get to know yourself & know what actions are the best ones for you, in this moment.
They can change with time – sometimes I feel like snuggling with a cup of tea & a book, and sometimes I’d prefer taking a long walk with my family.

Today I intend to share with you a few basic ideas of taking care of yourself & elevating your self-love.
Bookmark this list & come often to it – the more you practice self-love, the better you will know exactly what it means to you. If you currently don’t know all the ways you can show yourself some love, be open to experimenting & getting to know yourself. Just have fun with it, because ultimately, fun is a huge part of a self-loving life.

1. Check-in with yourself often

Ask yourself throughout the day what’s up – tune into your feelings, know what you want. Know your intentions through the day. Notice your thoughts & check if they’re serving you. Bring yourself back to the moment & focus on what’s going on now.

2. Say NO

I wrote about this already – standing up for yourself is a huge self-loving action you can take every day. Make it a rule – if it’s not HELL YEAH, it’s a no. Your life & your time is precious. Don’t waste it on stuff & people that don’t bring you joy.

3. Build meaningful relationships

Speaking of wasting time on people that don’t bring you joy.. why do you even have these in your life?
Instead of giving away your energy to people who don’t uplift you, let them go & surround yourself with loving people who elevate all of the experiences you have together. Meaningful relationships are a crucial part of human experience & we all need them to be able to live our lives to the fullest.
Build these relationships & don’t take them for granted.

4. Gratefulness

In fact, don’t take anything for granted. Living a life of gratefulness is extremely rewarding. The more grateful you become, the more you will see opportunities to be grateful. Gratefulness has ability to spread incredibly fast, all over the place. Embrace that ability & enjoy it.

5. Be kind

Doing good for others is a wonderful way to increase your self-love. All of us love knowing we’re making a positive influence in other people’s (or animals, or plants, or whatever cause you deeply care for) lives. Therefore, take action to make this influence possible. Find a cause you care for & go help someone. Donate or volunteer. Do some random acts of kindness. Don’t expect anything in return, that’s not the point. Just be your loving, kind self. It’s gonna feel amazing.

6. Enjoy simple pleasures in life

How often do you get lost in doing every day crap that you don’t notice what a miracle everything around you is? Not anymore, girl.
Take time to enjoy these super simple things; smell of the freshly mowed grass, surprising rain on your way home, cuddling with a dog (or a human.. or other animal :)), doing something new right on the first try, taking a bra off after a whole day, your favorite song on the radio while driving, a cup of tea.. So many magical moments happen all around you all day long. Notice & enjoy them. And don’t forget to smile & laugh, every chance you get.

7. Take loving care of your body

Your wonderful body brought you to this moment & was there your entire life. It will continue being there your entire life. In fact, it’s the only vehicle driving you around, giving you opportunity to experience everything in life. It’s only logical to take the best possible care of it. Pamper it, get that bath, put tons of a great lotion & enjoy the smell. Move, exercise, make your body strong & flexible – it’s much more fun to be able to live a life in an energized body. Choose whichever movement makes you feel amazing.
Eat well, nourish your body. Enjoy every single bite, make it count. Remember that food is about pleasure as well.


Closing thoughts

Although self-love & actions you can take to love yourself is an unlimited subject, I chose these 7 as simple ways to start.
Notice how you don’t really need to change or take some extra time for most of these – all you need is a fresh perspective. Just by letting go of living on an autopilot & setting an intention to savour your life, you can improve your relationship with yourself until you can’t recognize it anymore.
It’s so worth it. I’ll never get tired of saying it – self-love is the most life-changing decision you can make now.
A decision that makes a difference between mediocre life, filled with regret & a life filled with moments that take your breath away. Guess which one is more fulfilling.
I love you & I hope you’re choosing the latter every day.

If you need help with getting to the point of self-love, please contact me. Know you’re worthy of loving yourself. You’re worth of investing in yourself. And you’re worthy of living your best damn life.


Your turn:

What self-loving action you take regularly?
Do you nurture your relationship with yourself anyways?
Let me know, let’s connect!


Lots of love,

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