I believe taking care of our body is incredibly important & a huge part of self-love practice. After all, our bodies are these amazing vehicles making it possible for us to experience life. Without their support, we can’t achieve much.

Unfortunately, so many people think about supporting their bodies only when their bodies get sick. So many people appreciate health only when it’s gone. So many people take care of their bodies when it’s almost too late – when the bodies already kinda scream for help, in form of disease. Whether it’s a cold or a general lack of energy & vitality, not feeling your best is the way your body is trying to tell you something. Probably something like; I love you so much, I give my very best for you, I work 24/7, no fail, no rest, to make sure you can experience the best life possible.. and now I need your help because I can’t anymore.


That’s the moment most people choose either to listen or they choose to shut their bodies up with tons of pills.

What I’m gonna suggest is that taking loving care of our bodies should be a priority. We need to take care of our bodies daily & nourish them with everything we do.

If we just take a moment to consider how important our bodies are – it gets much easier to appreciate them.


Our bodies allow us to hear our favorite music, hug our favorite people, taste our favorite food. They move us around to the best of their capability, making it possible for us to express ourselves. To laugh, to cry, to create, to love.

Our bodies allow us to hear our favorite music, hug our favorite people, taste our favorite food. They move us around to the best of their capability, making it possible for us to express ourselves. To laugh, to cry, to create, to… Click To Tweet

Our bodies do their best job to keep us alive + healthy all the time. You do not need to worry about it; your heart beats perfectly, you breathe, you move, you digest food – in fact, 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions per second are happening in your body just to keep you functioning at the highest level possible.

I can’t even imagine that number. Yet, our bodies make it happen completely effortlessly.

They are our only home. If we do not take care of our bodies, where will we live? How will we contribute to the world? How will we love?

If we do not take care of our bodies, where will we live? How will we contribute to the world? How will we love? Click To Tweet

Therefore, I truly believe self-love is also about nourishing our bodies as much as we can. Yes, managing our emotional, mental & spiritual health is 100% crucial, but if we do not take care of our adorable working-bee vehicles, living our best life in other aspects becomes quite a problem.

Just think of the last time you caught a cold, felt all weak & powerless – how much were you able to enjoy life? Have exciting new experiences? I highly doubt you were super ready for action. If I had to guess, I’d say you were tucked in your bed with a cup of tea, just thinking something along the lines of „let me be healthy again, let me be healthy again“. If I had to guess, I’d say you weren’t doing any life-changing work in that state – neither for yourself, nor for others.

How joyful that is?


To prevent this from happening again, let us just agree to take care of our bodies – lets make it a regular thing. Lets make it a priority.


What I wanna do today is, except to inspire you to go hug yourself & tell your body it’s freakin’ amazing, share a couple of ideas you can incorporate in your daily life to show some love to your body.

And yes, I’m gonna go all take a bath on you, because sometimes we need a bath.

But first;

1. Be grateful AF

When I wake up every single morning, I say thank you. First thing I think, first think I whisper. Thank you. For waking up, for getting to live another day, for having a healthy body & a wonderful life. Then I proceed to list a few more things I’m grateful for.

Do not take what you have for granted – ever. Ever. Say thank you to your body as often as possible for making it possible for you to experience life. I tell you this with love, but, I honestly don’t care what your opinion is about your body – focus on the facts. And the fact is that without having your body supporting you, life would be much more difficult (or impossible). Thank you, body. Thank you.

2. Move your body

Last week we discussed various benefits of moving your body; I’d suggest reading that article every time you don’t feel like sneaking in some exercise. Make sure it’s something you enjoy. Dancing is a beautiful activity. Taking a walk is also wonderful.

And aside from health benefits, exercise builds a relationship with your body. It grows your confidence, when you start feeling stronger & more capable in your own body. Which in turn, can expand to other aspects of your life – having confidence to achieve other things you were previously avoiding. For me, that was the best change – knowing that I can live freely in my body, that I’m strong & getting stronger. It helped me realise I can get stronger in all areas of my life.

3. Pamper your body

This is where you take a bath. Come on, everyone loves a good bath. Put some essential oils in, I also drop olive oil & tea. Epsom salts are a great choice. Don’t forget the whole atmosphere – light music, favorite drink & a book.

Don’t stop there – pampering your body also means all these face masks, peelings etc. Taking care of your hair, skin, nails. Your body deserves to feel smooth & nourished.

And it’s an enjoyable activity.

Last but not least, be mindful of the ingredients – go as natural as possible. Honestly, as far as ingredients go – I use baby shampoo + some natural cleaning cream for my face. Other than that, I use olive oil, sometimes coconut oil & that’s pretty much it. My whole body peeling is also super simple: coffee rests + tbsp of coconut oil + a bit of lemon juice.

Beauty products smell wonderful, but lets face it, most of them have god knows how many + what chemicals in them. You can use them, but I choose not to.

Side note/tip: when I’m in doubt whether or not I should use (or eat) something, I ask myself if I’d give it to my daughter. If an answer is no.. Ask yourself if it’s good enough for a baby – babies are cute, nobody would give them anything that could potentially harm them 🙂 Treat yourself with the same love.


4. Drink, drink, drink

Staying hydrated is crucial for our bodies to function. After all, as the saying goes, we’re basically cucumbers with feelings. Meaning, we’re mostly water = we need a lot of it. Aim for at least a glass every hour. Your pee should be colorless up to light yellow – that’s a sign you’re drinking enough. Drink even when not thirsty – when you’re thirsty, it’s already a sign of dehydration. Every single cell of our body needs water to do its job – of keeping us healthy & alive. Giving it water is the least we can do.

If you’re having trouble getting enough water, keep a bottle always next to you – it’s a good reminder. I have a cute printable in the freebie section for forming hydration habit, which you can print of & keep somewhere near you to put little pluses when you deserve them. Playing is the best way to learn. 🙂

If you find water boring, drink tea or infused water. If you’re a tea lover like me, I created a bunch of freaking amazing mugs to start your day better than ever!

Avoid sugary drinks. Also, don’t forget to drink during exercise.


5. Food

Eat a variety of plant based foods. Aim for 6-8 servings of veggies, a few servings of fruit. Eat whole grains, nuts & legumes. You can find tons of amazing recipes right here. Choosing healthy foods is my favorite way of nurturing my body. Giving it all the nutrients it needs to keep me at my best self – while enjoying delicious meals!

Avoid processed foods, they don’t serve you. Of course, we’re all about food freedom here – so don’t restrict any foods, enjoy them in moderation. Aim for good enough, not perfect. When we aim for perfection, we can only end up disappointed & restricting ourselves. Only diet anyone should embrace is a sustainable one.


6. Sleep

One of the best ways to love your body is to let it rest. When you don’t sleep enough, it’s getting your hormones out of whack – which is a cause of many troubles for women. Poor sleep contributes to stress, and increases levels of ghrelin, making you hungry more than usual. It also decreases levels of leptin, which is a hormone telling your body you’re not hungry anymore. Sure you can see how this is a problem for all of us who’re trying to eat mindfully 🙂

People who sleep beter have better memory & focus, making them more productive. Also, our metabolism loves a good sleep, as well as our immune system.

So, hit these 8 hours – make them a priority.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, include adaptogens in your diet. Ashwagandha was a total game-changer for me. Don’t know what to do with it? Got ya covered, babe!

If you want to make it extra cool – drink your magical drink from a Mug of Awesomeness.

These mugs just make me so happy & I’m beyond excited to be sharing them with you. I love them because every single time I drink – and we drink often, I’m reminded of what’s important – that I’m awesome 🙂 I really want that for you!

Make sure you have a nice evening ritual to teach your body when it’s time to sleep.


7. Take regular breaks

Whatever you’re working on, make sure to take breaks often. Just to stretch, walk around a bit, close your eyes for a few minutes. Take a couple of deep breaths. Do a headstand. Play, do something fun. Jump.

Our bodies weren’t designed to sit 20 hours a day, we were made to move. Taking a regular breaks gives us an opportunity to refresh our bodies & minds. This can help us perform better & prevent stress from taking over.


Closing thoughts

There you go, my 7 favorite ways of taking care of my body. Each of these actions can easily be incorporated in your every day life. As always, start small – don’t go all crazy with changes. Forming habits of taking care of ourselves takes some times & conscious decisions to make time for ourselves. That’s right – taking care of our bodies requires you to take resposibility for your choices & make conscious decision of prioritizing yourself. I know this may be scary, especially for those among us who spent their entire lives caring for others much more than caring for yourself, but, you can’t pour from an empty cup. By taking loving care of your body, you’re doing a favor to yourself and to everyone else.

Speaking of forming habits of taking care of ourselves – grab your Weekly self-love to-do list in the freebie section. Print it out to keep you accountable; when you have a reminder, it’s easier to take resposibility of your actions.



Let me know how it goes, I love hearing from you!

How did you love your body today?


Lots of love,


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