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Nina’s Empire is a company focused on helping you heal your relationship with food, your body and health.
Our mission is to lovingly guide you back home to yourself.

Being home with yourself means reclaiming your intuition, body and health – with a gentle, compassionate and non-diet approach.
With us, you’ll learn how to nourish yourself authentically, honoring the seasons of your life, so that you can enjoy a life where you feel fulfilled and at peace with food, your body and health.
Our focus is offering support on your journey towards a positive, gentle relationship with food – forever.

You will learn how to:
– Let go of diets
– Heal from disordered eating and chronic dieting
– Break up with stress and food obsession, for good
– Liberate yourself from food restrictions
– Create a loving, gentle relationship with food
– Nourish yourself effortlessly, in a way that works for you
– Reclaim your health, weight neutral way
– Harness the power of your menstrual cycle and seasonal living

Here, you will find free resources such as Undiet Yourself Workbook, free discovery calls with our founder, Nina and our beloved paid offerings like Peace With Food, Health For All, Self-Love, Period. and of course, private coaching with Nina.

Who is Nina?

Nina Kaufmann is an intuitive eating nutritionist, cycle syncing queen, coach, author, anti-diet advocate, a healer and a thought leader in the new chapter of HERstory.
Her mission is to help women come back home to themselves, whether it’s helping them heal their disordered eating, helping them nourish their hormones and sync in with their menstrual cycles or waking up to their wild nature.
She’s brilliant at combining body, mind and soul health so that women would feel whole, and at home within themselves.
Her work is enjoyed by thousands of women worldwide, and her articles read by tens of thousands of readers.

What can you gain from becoming a part of our online community?

We believe in peaceful, positive relationship with food.

You will learn to let go of diet culture and heal from the damage caused by diets. We focus on compassionate, non-diet approach to eating.
We strongly believe that you’re the expert of your body. Therefore, guiding your back home to yourself, your intuition and your inner wisdom is the no.1 priority.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

You will learn to allow all foods you enjoy in your eating world, and you’ll be able to tune into your intuition to achieve your own balance. With non-diet approach, all foods are allowed – so you are the authority on how to nourish yourself in each season of your life.

“Most of the time / Some of the time” is what matters when it comes to food (and everything else).

Perfectionism has no place in our lives – it only creates stress. And when something become stressful, it’s no longer healthy.

Here, you will be able to create your unique healthy lifestyle: each of us has different needs and values depending on where we are in our lives. Our healthy lifestyle must be flexible and honor seasons we ebb and flow through.

Nina’s Empire teaches health that is joyful, gentle and compassionate.

At the core of the work we do here is a deep knowledge that each of us worthy, right now, in the bodies we have right now.
Therefore, you are always at the center of the teachings.
The goal is to support you in cultivating your own, unique way of eating and living that is fully aligned with where you are at the moment.

How to start your journey back home:

– Get one-on-one support on your journey by booking a discovery call with Nina. Let’s see how you can feel deeply supported, and create your unique, personalized journey back home to yourself, so that you can enjoy peaceful relationship with food, your body and your health. Book a free discovery call here.

– Join our online community and get your free Undiet Yourself Workbook. It’s designed to help you explore your relationship with food and guide you through your first steps towards food freedom. Click here for instant access.

– Join Peace With Food Training. You will learn all about why diets fail (spoiler alert: it was never your fault), what is disordered eating and why intuitive eating is essential part of creating longterm health on every level. Get started here.

– If you feel excited and ready to take a deep dive into cultivating your own, unique health forever, by learning all about what does health truly mean and how you can create your own health on every level (physical, mental and spiritual) that is authentic to you, flexible, and ebbs and flows with you through your entire life, enroll into our best program Health For All. With over 7 hours of material, Health For All is designed to support you forever. Learn more and enroll here.

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