About Nina

Hi, I’m Nina! Welcome to my Empire!

I’m a self-love coach, nutritionist, anti-diet advocate & NLP student

with a mission to empower women to show the world what’s possible when we ditch the diet & love ourselves!

I’ve founded my Empire to help you stop obsessing about food & start obsessing about living your dream life!

Why do I care?

Because I know you!

I know you have an amazing message + talent to share with the world.

You’re strong & you feel it in your gut you’re meant for more!

Your heart is bursting with desire to be more, but you’re stuck in the endless cycle of dieting.

And the mean girl inside your hear just won’t shut the F up.

It feels hopeless.

My gift is empowering brilliant women like you to break up with diets, overeating, using food to repress their emotions + hating themselves


embrace food freedom, absolute self-love + make nourishing choices natural ones.

Once you learn to love your body, your body will reflect that love back by being vibrant, healthy & even more gorgeous!

You’ll be free to live your best life, enjoying every single moment & making all of your dreams come true.

My story

Look, I know what it feels like – being sick & tired of diets.

I spent a decade of my life obsessing about food, fighting it, hating it, yet loving & craving it.

Trying ALL the diets I laid my hands on.

Spending days, if not weeks, eating nothing but cabbage soup so that I could show up on the beach.

Fridge & scale being my closest friends.

Mirror & the mean voice inside my head being my greatest enemies.

2 years ago, I finally had enough. Watching my baby daughter & seeing what a sad example I’m setting for her was the moment I broke open & decided I was DONE settling for anything less than I can be.

I was DONE living from meal to meal, waiting when I’ll be allowed to eat my chicken & broccoli.

I was DONE either starving to death or stuffing myself to the point of massive discomfort.

I was DONE letting food dictate my life.

I was DONE with restrictions, meal plans & eating my issues instead of solving them.

I was DONE seeing an “ugly fatass” in the mirror – no matter how much I weighted.

I knew I was more than that.

I knew there’s more I could be & achieve.

I knew I had a giant potential to live a life of my dreams & I decided to tap into it.

Determined to learn what I was doing wrong, I started a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, love & development.

I focused heavily on accepting myself & being more – growing, instead of looking better.

You know what I learned?

Dieting never worked.

Restrictions never worked.

Self-hatred never worked.

What did work is self-love & acceptance.

Once I learned to love my body + myself, just the way I am, nourishing choices became effortless & natural. Food became just a tool for effective nourishment.

I was finally free to pursue my dreams.

Now I use what I’ve learned to take care of you & help you transform your relationship with food & yourself.

You weren’t made to suffer & spend your life obsessing about food.

You were made to thrive & I’m here to be your loving guide!

Ready for ultimate freedom?

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