Self-love is a huge subject for me (obviously). It changed my life & moved me to inspire others to see themselves as valuable, unique, beautiful perfections they are.

What I found to be the key of self-love is action.

What I found to be the key of self-love is action. Click To Tweet

I’ve spent a lot of time reading and learning as much about nutrition as I possibly could to become a nutritionist. Yet, I was capable of eating a whole chocolate in 5mins.

You see, the problem wasn’t a lack of knowledge – it was a lack of self-love. I just didn’t care. I wasn’t mindful about the foods I ate, nor did I truly stopped to consider what they did to my body. I felt insecure & embarrassed by my actions more often then I care to admit. Not only because I wasn’t nourishing my body, but because – what kind of a nutritionist does that to herself?!

One day I decided to stop just for a moment.

I took time to stop & just say to myself; look Nina, bullshits you’re eating are negatively affecting your body. The only body you have in this life, there’s no other home for you. Once you ruin this body, there’s no magically switching to another one. It is giving you life without you ever having to ask for it. Around 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions per second in your body are going on without you ever having to worry about that.

Around 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions per second in your body are going on without you ever having to worry about that. Click To Tweet

I took a moment thinking about this. The more I’ve watched my body, the more I acknowledged how powerful it is, without critising any imperfections.

It led me to take care of my body and love it for what it really is – an amazing instrument that is breathing the life in me.

With time, it became much easier for me to make the right choices when it comes to nutrition & all other health-related choices.

For example, quiting smoking after 11years out of nowhere (it’s completely possible), starting working-out, jogging, yoga, etc!

The journey of self-love I started ultimately led to better looking body and more self-love!

I basically started my own new circle, by getting to know and love the body for the wonderful thing it is WITHOUT it being related to being MY body with all the “imperfections” which I used to see every time I looked in the mirror. Now I see magic. And once you start accepting your body and its magic, it becomes natural making the right choices when it comes to food – and all health-related choices we face in every day life.




Now, back to action. Self-love starts through action. You can think all about – “yeah, I love myself”, but if you find yourself too often drowning your feelings in a chocolate cake.. are you sure?

Start small, but start now.

Good starting point is being aware how the actions you’re taking are affecting your body. Foods you eat, work-out you do, time you take to relax, sleeping time, your inner conversations – all of this affects your body. Start being aware of it.





The quick action I found to be super effective when it comes to feeling amazing in my body is so simple it’s embarrassing.

Start wearing nice clothes at home. TA-DA.

Secret self-love action: Start wearing nice clothes at home!!! Click To Tweet


So simple it may sound stupid, but it’s powerful.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a tendency to look pretty much homeless at home, just to drop a few random pieces of clothes, without giving a flying fuck about colors, materials, or even if it’s my clothes .

The message I was sending to myself with this behaviour was – I don’t matter even enough to wear something remotely acceptable at home; I don’t matter even enough to take time to look at myself in the mirror & ask myself how do I feel in this clothes, how do I look to myself.

I went through my at-home time feeling “I don’t give a fuck how I look nor how I feel”.

This lead me to make oh-not-so-great choices when it comes to details in my daily life that add up & eventually build lifestyle. Like eating a whole chocolate in 5mins, or wasting my precious time on Earth doing absolutely nothing important, or never ever working out etc.

When I finally got tired of feeling like shit & started making steps towards self-love, one day I was accidentally dressed nice around the house & I noticed I felt better. What was even crazier, I noticed I made better choices, like being in the kitchen thinking like – “hmm, what will this sexy beast eat today”. Let me tell you – it was NOT the whole chocolate in 5mins.

So, I decided to dress better more often – the effect was so great that I now buy clothes that make me feel sexy & don’t even consider wearing random shit around the house.

It grew to be one of the key habits Charles Duhig explains in his genius book.

I know I know, this may sound very superficial like – clothes doesn’t make a man blah blah. I urge you to give it a try anyways, because it’s not about the clothes, it’s about the feeling, caring for yourself. At-home clothes just happen to be one of the valuable tools to feel better in your own skin immediatelly.

After all, I bet we all know that feeling when you get dressed to go our on a party and you look super-cute and you just can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror and being like DAAAAAMN.

Why not have that every day?

It works for me even better than the classic self-love actions like take a bath – I do love a good bath, but when I wear something that makes me feel great, it lasts through the whole day.






  1. Grab a piece of clothes makes you feel absolutely sexy,
  2. Wear it &
  3. Enjoy the view &
  4. Go through the day being conscious about your awesome look!

Hope you loved this & if you did, share it with everyone who might need it!

Lots of love,


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