Freeing yourself from chronic dieting & making peace with food can take anything from a couple of months to years to completely heal.

At some point of the dieting cycle, binging, counting calories, restrictions & everything else that comes with unhealthy food relationship, we just get tired.


I remember the time I was looking at myself in the mirror, judging my belly for the 67th time that morning, when it finally hit me.

I couldn’t vocalize it, it was just a deep feeling, but it was the moment that turned ti all around.

I finally broke open. That was the first time ever that I stood in front of a mirror thinking about what a miracle my body really is, no matter how horrible I believed it looked.

Hope was born. Hope for a day when I’ll be able to live in my skin, just as it is, without worrying every single second of my life if someone noticed how terribly fat I am.


In that moment, I knew I was ready for a drastic change. Inner change, the one that had nothing to do with the food I consumed.

From that point, everything started turning around. The process was long, but it was also extremely powerful. It was the first time in my life that I really focused on myself, that I recognized that, just by being a human being, I am worthy.

My weight, my belly, my nose and whatever else I was hating back then was not a definition of who I am.


I had my ups and downs, and I still do – but the freedom that I got from focusing on myself is one of the best things that ever happened to me. It’s not about perfection, it’s about progress.

How long is gonna take you to be free depends on many factors, including how long you’ve been dieting, how ready are you for freedom, how ready are you to take ownership of the situation.

Believe me, many girls don’t even know they have a problem – they think it’s just a way of being a woman, chronic dieting. These girls are not ready to take ownership of the situation, and in these cases the only possibility is for us to talk as much & as loud as possible about the food freedom and hope that they’ll hear us.

As my teacher would so often say, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink.

If someone’s not ready for a change, there’s nothing I, you or anyone else can do for them.


But, how can you know you’re moving in the right direction? How can you know you’re ready to take ownership of your issue & work through it?

As you know, my biggest dream in the world is to share food freedom with you.

So I wanted to share a couple of signs that you’re ready to move on into life of ultimate freedom.



1. Tired of dieting


As I’ve learned in my NLP class, the only time when people are ready to change is when the need for change is bigger than the need to stay the same.

At some point of your dieting journey, you’re likely to visit that place of exhaustion.

If you’re sick just to think about another diet, just to think about that damn Monday when you’re supposed to start again & you just can’t bring yourself to even Google the newest fad diet that’s promising you a life of your dreams. Even if you do Google it, instead of that initial feeling of excitement, you become sceptical, thinking – yeah right, like I haven’t heard this crap before.


Also, when you’re starting to explose other options, which you’re clearly doing right now – it’s a sign you may be ready for freedom.


This first tiny step, when you’re willing just to peek over the edge & consider is there could be another way is a clear sign that you’re capable of change.

However, this alone won’t necessarily push you to transform your life. Nevertheless, it’s a crucial step I believe each of us must go through, in order to make any further progress.

2. Ownership


Once you’ve peeked over the edge & saw there are women doing something else, you may be ready to take resposibility of your situation.

When you’re so tired of dieting crap & when you see a few examples of women who are free, maybe it does push your over the edge – maybe your need for a change does become greater than your need to stay the same.


When you reach this step of realising you have a challenge to deal with & deciding you’re ready to do whatever it takes to come out on the other side – you’ve took ownership of your situation & you’re ready to free yourself from the diets forever.


I’d argue that this step is the most important one – no matter how tired you are of the diets, if there’s a hope in you for the next “quick fix”, or for someone else (a coach, friend, book, whatever) to magically transform your life without you taking resposibility for your actions.. I’m sorry to inform you, but there won’t be any transformation happening.


You see, a coach or any book, course or program you take can give you tools, insipiration, guide you through the process, keep you accountable – but neither of these can take action for you, nor can any of these take resposibilöity for your actions. This takes us back to the horse next to the water.. can’t make it drink.

Therefore, I’d suggest you focus on reaching this step before you hire a coach, or buy the next book that promises you transformation or anything similar.

Without you taking ownership of your situation, none of these can help. It can only leave you frustrated, thinking – OMG they couldn’t fix me, there’s no hope for me, or OMG they couldn’t fix me, what a sucky coach/book/program – I want a refund. This doesn’t serve you at all, don’t do this to yourself.

Proceed with pursing your freedom only when you’re willing to take resposibility for your actions.


If you are indeed ready to take ownership of your situation – congratulations! This is the crucial sign of moving towards freedom!

Feel free to contact me & we’ll see what we can do to free you forever. I’d be honored.


3. Seeing that food relationship is merely a symptom


This sign right here is the reason why I didn’t stop at being a nutritionist, but pursued my life-coaching certification & am diving even deeper with studying NLP.

Being a nutritionist gave me tools & ways to create + adjust meal plans for people, tell them what’s healthy & what’s not.

As amazing as this knowledge is, it didn’t give me the all of the tools to help them see the real issue.

Lets face it – most of us do have at least some basic knowledge of nutrition; we all know carots are better than shitty chocolate. Yet, we choose chocolate. So, nutrition knowledge simply isn’t enough.


You see, our food relatiosnhip issues are just a surface, tip of an ice-berg, if you want. I was determined to go deeper & be able to recognize & help women deal with the underlaying issue – the real thing.


As I always say, if you want to heal your food relationship, heal your relationship with yourself. Don’t even focus on the food, just forget it. If you’re eating when you’re not biologically hungry, if you’re obsessing about food, you may be just doing that so you wouldn’t need to face the real issue.

Once you see that you’re just using food to repress other issues you don’t want to face – this is the sign you’ve been looking for.

Combine this with accepting resposibility & we’ve got ourselves a winner – great foundation for transformation.


4. What do you really need?


Now that you see how you’ve been using food to avoid handling real issues, you can being to ask yourself this powerful question. When you find out what is it that you’re really craving; whether it’s love, success, self-worth, significance, you can move towards fulfilling your real needs. Instead of just numbing yourself with food.

Granted, this step is not easy, as you’ll be exploring new ways to deal with emotions in your life, but it’s super important. Without identifying, expressing & dealing with your emotions, you can’t go far in ditching the diet.

I believe this is where self-love helps the most, because when you love yourself – you want to nourish your body the right way. Whether it’s great food, or other needs that are currently not being met.

It’s not the easiest of steps & requires great strenght to get out of your comfort zone of numbing your feelings with food & actually dealing with them. But when you’re loving to yourself, you will have complete faith in your ability to execute this step no matter how hard it may seem.


This right here is a strong sign you’re ready to ditch the diets. Because when you know how to identify your needs & then are willing to pursue these, instead of numbing yourself down with 3 bags of chips – you’re clearly on the right track to not needing any diets ever again.


5. Getting out of the food-comfort zone


After you’ve dipped your toes pretty well into the exploring self-love & moving towards food freedom, you’ll find that you’re ready to re-introduce some foods that were previously forbidden to you.

Maybe you’ll go to the birthday party & eat a piece of cake without any shame. And eat two if you want.

Maybe you’ll go buy a bag of cookies you didn’t allow yourself to eat for the last few years. Maybe you’ll try one. Or 5.

Maybe for you it’s ordering pizza at the restaurant.


And then you take time to really taste the food, be super mindful about it. Who knows, maybe you don’t even like it.

This happened to me with the low quality chocolates. I was always saying to myself – I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t & then I’d eat a whole chocolate in under 5 minutes (no joke). Did I taste it? Of course not.

However, if you’ve asked me at any time the first 20something years of my life, I’d tell you all about how much I love chocolate & how it’s the best food ever in the world.


But when I became free & then tried eating these chocolates, I literally spat it out. More than once. In fact, just recently I discovered I had some chocolates left from Christmas gifts we received. They were laying forgotten in a shelf nobody ever opens. Out of pure curiosity, I opened one and bit in.

I spat it out immediately.

It just didn’t taste good at all. Not even a little bit.


I was just left wondering why did I even eat these in the first place.


Of course, maybe you do love some foods you previously weren’t allowed to eat. This is totally fine – now you’re able to eat them whenever you want. And let me tell you, when you have complete freedom to eat them every day, every time you get hungry – they kinda lose their importance.

Even if you do eat them like a week in a row, you’ll get bored of them. No matter how much you think you “could eat it for the rest of your life”. Trust me.


Closing thoughts


These are your five biggest signs you’re ready to open a new chapter in your life – chapter where every food is allowed & you prioritize foods based on what you want & what you don’t want, rather then what you’re allowed.


If you would like someone to help you come out at the other side – I’m here for you. Contact me & I’ll be your lovely guide to freedom.




Noticed any of these signs?

Which one do you struggle with the most?

Let me know, I’m here to serve!


Lots of love,


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