Lately, I’ve been feeling like a freakin’ fraud.

I mean, who am I to teach women to take control of their lives when I spend hours crying under the shower, where nobody can hear me.

Who am I to tell them that they’re the captains of their ships when I, myself, have been through countless coaching sessions to get myself unstuck – and am still right where I began.

Why would anyone listen to me? Who named me an authority on the subject of living a life from an inside out – when I, myself, am looking around myself to grab an opportunity for improvement?!

How could my girls trust me, when I’m not sure I can pull it off – this thing called taking ownership of your situation?!


Suddenly, after an hour of crying in the shower, I realised that what I believed about what will make me worthy of teaching other women living their best life is.. perfection. I somehow bought in the story that I must have my shit together to be able to tell anyone else what I know is true. I somehow thought I must be perfectly happy all the freakin’ time, in order to make anyone listen to what I have to say.


But here’s the thing, girlfriend.

I don’t have it all figured out. Not even close. I don’t live a life where I’m bursting from happiness 24/7. I don’t follow my advice perfectly, all the time. I am not a perfect ME, mother, coach, woman, nutritionist, daughter, you name it.

I do get triggered by million things outside of my control. I do snap at.. my entire family, for no special reason. I have days when I don’t want to get out of the bed. I have days (like today) when I burst out crying every half hour – no PMS. I have days when I think all of my effort & everything I do is absolutely pointless & I should give up & get a fuckin’ job like all normal people do, go on a week or two vacation a year, retire & die. I have A LOT of days when I sincerely believe my life would be so much easier if I was satisfied with average.


But the thing I saw so clearly today is – these days are what makes me an authority on living your best damn life. These moments of imperfection are exactly what gives me the power to stand up & tell you to love yourself + prioritize yourself, NO MATTER WHAT.

Because the truth is, many of us have these days. Scratch that – ALL of us have bad days. ALL of us have days when giving up, abandoning life & hiding under the blanket is the best we can do.

And you know what? That doesn’t make us less worthy. It doesn’t make us incapable of achieving anything. It doesn’t make us less lovable. It doesn’t mean we’re not enough. And it most certainly doesn’t give us an excuse to give up.

It merely means we’re human. We have up & downs – heck, look at the EKG paper, even our heartrate goes up & down. It’s just how nature works.


Embracing the truth that bad days, imperfections & crying in the shower are perfectly normal is where self-love happens. When you’re able to accept that no matter how bad it gets, you’re still enough, magic happens. Peace happens.

The ups & the downs are what make you yourself, are what make you a strong, capable woman.

You have a choice; you can define these days as a sign to throw in the towel, walk away from yourself & your dreams, or you can accept them, live through them – and then get up, fix your crown & move forward. This is the difference between winners & average Joe. Winners get up & continue.


P.s. with 2019 coming dangerously close, it’s your time to decide if it’s gonna be a winning year. If you’re ready to prepare yourself for 2019 to be the best year yet, book a call with me – I’d LOVE to guide you through the simple process of designing your year & making sure you live it on purpose, not by default.


Love you,


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