I recently wrote about goal setting & not counting on motivation to keep us going, and I want to continue in this direction because successful goal setting is extremely important part of living an incredible life. Not only does goal setting give you a direction to move in & a sense of meaning in life (at least for me – without goals we’re kinda just aimlessly wondering through life, without making any impact), but it also gives your subconscious mind something to attract. And whatever goes on in your subconscious mind inevitably becomes a part of your reality.


We can all now agree that learning how to set goals like a pro (and achieve them) is a crucial skill in life.

Which means, we want to “do it the right way” by avoiding mistakes people often make when setting goals. Today I will be sharing with you a six biggest mistakes that often stop people from setting goals successfully & achieving them.


1. Not being super clear on your why

Whatever goals you set, you need to know why they are important for you. Knowing why you want to achieve something is much more important than knowing what you want to achieve.

If you’re not sure why you want to achieve a goal, it will be hard to follow through. Aside from that, it will be kinda pointless to achieve it anyways – if you don’t know why achieving your goals is meaningful to you, you probably won’t be overly excited once you achieve it. This will undermine the importance of setting goals in your life, which can lead to not setting any & wondering aimlessly through this journey we call life.

So, before you set any goals, I want you to dive deep into your why.

I want you to know what exactly do you want to feel, who’ll benefit from you achieving your goal, what impact it’s gonna have in your life. I want you to see it happen in your mind & find out all the reasons why it’s gonna be freakin’ awesome to achieve that goal. Then I want you to write that down, and/or spend a couple of minutes every day visualising your goal being a reality.

Being clear on your ultimate motivation is gonna make it easier to keep on going when shit gets hard – because sometimes it does.

Not to confuse this with pure motivation – you’re going to have a plan & schedule & you’re going to stick to it. But if you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s pointless.


Lets say you want to go to the gym or get sixpack.

If your goal is “get sixpack” without knowing all the reasons why, guess how exciting it’s gonna be getting up at 5am to go to the gym or for a run, or whatever you kinda movement is.

However, if your goal is being fit so that you can move easier through life, be healthier, be able to play with your child/dog for a long time without getting tired, being able to travel & walk through all these new exciting cities without losing your breath, being energized all day long without 5 gallons of coffee, being a great example for your family + loved ones, doing your best to live as long as possible & being able to move as long as you live, on your own, so that you can play + dance with your grandgrandchildren, being flexible so that you can pick up a pen when it falls without hurting your back.. see where I’m going with this?

Same goal, much different approach.

When you list all of the reasons why & got through them daily, it’s just easier to push through and respect your schedule when you’d rather stay in bed.


2. Not writing it down

I know, I know – you have an excellent memory. I don’t care for it – she said with love.

If you rely on your mind to guide you towards your goals, without writing it down, you’re gonna have some challenging times.

Writing your goals down & putting that paper somewhere where you can see it daily will help you move towards them.

First of all because it’s easier to stick with something when you know your goal, when you see it daily, and second of all because it gives your subconscious mind an opportunity to internalize the goal & become familiar with it.

When it sinks down to the depths of your subconscious, you’re gonna naturally + effortlessly move towards the goal. It works especially well when it’s your own handwriting – at least it does for me. Our subconscious minds are sort of easier connected with our own handwriting, in my experience.

So, you wanna write your goals down, in the present tense, like it’s already done & you wanna put that paper somewhere you can see it on a daily basis. You can even write them on sticky notes & keep them around the house, so they can sink in faster.

Do not skip this step, please.


3. No plan + schedule

I’ve discussed the importance of having a plan & schedule when setting goals – this step is crucial.

Without a plan + schedule, you’re left with motivation. While being motivated is cool, it doesn’t last. It’s not healthy to rely on motivation because sometimes it’s there, but many times it’s just a distant memory. When this happens & we don’t have a plan, our goals can easily be forgotten or postponed (I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow.. next week.. you know how this goes).

It’s like that saying goes; person who fails to plan, plans to fail. Allowing your goal to depend on your willpower, motivation or pure vision in your mind is lethal.

Lets just not let our goals die so easily.

Allowing your goal to depend on your willpower, motivation or pure vision in your mind is lethal. Click To Tweet


4. No action

Yes, this mistake is obvious – if you’ve set your goal, made a schedule & then done nothing about it, guess what are your chances of achieving it.

That’s right – not gonna happen.

I recommend starting small – what’s the easiest action you can take right now to move towards achieving your goal?

It’s much more important to be consistent, than to take some grandiose actions 2 times & then getting overwhelmed and quitting.

What’s the easiest action you can take right now to move towards achieving your goal? Click To Tweet

Your plan & schedule will allow you to be super clear on the actions you need to take. Do not skip action taking step, otherwise the whole goal setting was a waste of time. Setting wonderful goals makes no sense if the paper will be stuck in a drawer without you doing anything about it.

Achievement won’t just fall in your lap out of nowhere.

If you just write the goals down & think about how cool it would be to achieve them, but stay on the couch all day doing nothing, they won’t happen – and you’ll lose trust in yourself, and start believing that you cannot achieve any goals.

Taking action & sticking with it will help you build your confidence, and trust yourself much more in your ability to reach any goals you set for yourself.


5. Focusing only on the goal

Goals setting in not only about final destination, it’s also about the journey and who you become in the process.

Therefore, take action consistently & strive to grow as often as possible. This is the best way to achieving any goals you set & the best way to live an incredible life.

So, once you’re defined your goals, your why & made a plan + schedule, you must take action. Start small, but start. You can easily build up on it.

Goals setting in not only about final destination, it’s also about the journey and who you become in the process. Click To Tweet

It’s like a gym – you don’t start lifting 100 pounds, you start with 20 work your way up. And each pound more you lift gives you a confidence boost. Soon, you start thinking – well, if I did it with 20 & then with 30, I could probably do 40.. and 50.. that’s how you build a winner.

It’s about consistency & the process – then the goal you achieve feels much better.

You grow as a person, your abilites grow, your skills grow, your confidence grows – and the more consistent you are, the more you show up for yourself, the more you will believe in your future goals & your ability to achieve them.

Therefore, make sure to enjoy the whole process, make sure to love yourself every step of the way. Make sure you know every day that you’re both a masterpiece & a work in progress – and that this is perfectly fine.

When you’re aware of this truth, no setback will throw you of the track – you’ll get up and continue.

Because that’s what winners do.


6. Losing focus

Achieving any goals that are incredibly fulfilling takes time, commitment & persistance. This means you need to keep showing up for your journey & goal no matter how hard it gets.

Probably the most important part of your way to achieving your goals is not to quit. Only when you quit your goals don’t become reality. The choice is always yours.

The most important part of your way to achieving your goals is not to quit. Only when you quit your goals don’t become reality. The choice is always yours. Click To Tweet

Sure, sometimes it gets hard, you can sometimes lose your focus & fall of the track. The important part is not to quit & to keep moving towards your goals, no matter how slowly.

The life you live right now is the only one you’re gonna get (in this form, at least) and every choice is yours, and yours only. Keep this in mind when you feel like quitting.


The single most important thing that helps me every time when shit hits the fan, when I just don’t feel like moving forward & it all feels hopeless is having others keep me accountable – whether it’s coaches, friends, family, mentors. Seek support.

Find someone you trust to guide you through the process & to help you get over the times when you feel like it’s not gonna happen. People who love us & have our best interest at heart will always find a way to help us see the situation from a fresh perspective & support us in moving forward, just a little bit longer. This is precious.

Achieving any goals alone is MUCH harder than when you’re surrounded by loving people who will push you forward. And sometimes it helps just to share your successes and failures with them & learn something out of every experience – knowing that you’re not alone on your journey is priceless & precious. Seek out someone to acompany you on your journey. Trust me, it makes the biggest difference ever.

Achieving any goals alone is MUCH harder than when you’re surrounded by loving people who will push you forward. It makes the biggest difference ever! Click To Tweet

Even if it’s only someone to keep you accountable, knowing that tomorrow or next week you need to show up in front of them & tell them what actions did you take will give you a loving kick in the ass to do something. I know it does for me multiple times a week – knowing that I have to show up & share what I did to accomplish my goals definitely makes the biggest difference EVER. And I’m forever grateful to have all these wonderful coaches in my life.

Of course, I am here for you – you can book a completely FREE 15 minutes call with me & we can be bff & make you unstoppable. Because you have it in you & together, we can get it out. 🙂 But no matter if it’s me or your sister, just find someone to share your journey with, to learn from, to keep you going. Someone who cares.


Closing thoughts

Goal setting is a skill – which means each of us can learn it & hone it. If you’ve never set a goal before, this is a great start for you – find something small, but extremely meaningful & go get it girl – now you have the tools.

As I’ve said, no need to do it alone – seek out the community, the mentor, friend, family, whoever is willing to help you & whoever you feel comfortable around. It makes all the difference.



Which of these mistakes did you make in the past? How are you now going to approach your goal setting?

Do you have support? How much difference does it make for you?


Lots of love,


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