FINALLY! I’m super excited to share this gorgeous recipe!

You’re gonna love it! I swear I could just spoon the whole thing.

I can also feel it would be an amazing addition to cookies, which I will try – keep tuned @ninasempire for the results because I think will be AMAZING.

Who knows, perhaps I’ll come up with a cookie recipe including this precious gem. Would you like that? Let me know, I love getting feedback from you guys, it means a world to me!

So, I found myself the other day, mixing up my almond butter batch and doing my thinking while watching it come to life – yes, I do just stand there, watch it hypnotized, enjoying the smell. It’s like in the shower when you get all your best ideas.

Then it hit me – what if I added a bit of carob powder?!

I mean, lets get serious, carob is the best. It was totally worth the try.

Rushing to get all the stuff I imagined I’d need before the idea doesn’t leave my brain (it’s totally a thing!!), I brought up some carob powder, honey, almond milk and started experimenting.



After a couple of minutes of, 1 spoon this 1 spoon that, a miracle happened.. a delicious freakin’ miracle!

I was so excited I went straight to offering it to my daughter – turned out, she doesn’t get excited about food as much as I do, so she gave me a nope & continued playing.

Fair enough.




Although I don’t see it used very often here in Germany, carob is actually a nutrient powerhouse.

What I love sharing with you ladies are calcium rich foods and carob is one of the best! One cup has around 350mg calcium – more than milk which has around 275mg.

Not only is it rich in calcium, but other minerals as well; magnesium, potassium, iron – all of which are super important for our well-being.

And my favorite – tons of fiber. A tablespoon has around 5g fiber which is insane. Daily recommendation is minimum 30-35g. Your digestion’s gonna love it!

Last but not least, tons of polyphenols; amazing antioxidant properties, wonders for our cholesterol levels and blood fats.

Also, it tastes kinda like cocoa, so I think we should use more of it.



Hello you delicious health!

Oh dear, oh dear, almond butter. I don’t know if I prefer making it or eating it, seriously. That smell.

Healthy fats, tons of vitamin E, fiber, what’s not to love?!



Since I discovered how awesome this combo is, it’s a regular on our table. So far I used cow milk, almond milk and oat milk – each of them was wonderful.

One tablespoon of honey is enough for me, but if you like your spread sweeter, feel free to add a bit more honey.

You’ll need to use roasted almonds. Roast them in the oven, at ca. 350°F  (180°C) for like 10mins, but keep an eye on them – they easily burn, which gives them a bitter taste. After roasting, let them cool. This makes butter making much easier process.


Loving Nutrition:

  • Carob: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, fiber, polyphenols
  • Almonds: healthy fats, vitamin E, folate, calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese & phosphorus
  • Honey: a bit of minerals + vitamins, phenolic acid & flavonoids, enzymes




The left overs that you can’t scrap from your food processor? Drop a cup of milk of your choice in there, mix it up for few moments -> delicious drink!



Magical bread spread that happens to be a nutritional powerhouse.

Course Breakfast, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine Mediterranean
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • ca. 2 cups (300g) roasted almonds cold
  • 3 tbsp (ca. 40g) carob powder
  • 0.4 oz (110ml) milk of your choice (here oat milk)
  • 1 tbsp (30g) honey


  1. Blend the roasted almonds in your food processor until they're butter. Should take around 10minutes.

  2. Add carob powder & honey.

  3. Add milk, but gradually - until you reach the consistency you like, for me it was at 0.4oz

  4. Scrap it out in your container & enjoy!

  5. BONUS: don't forget to add a cup of milk in the food processor & make yourself a delicious drink!


Are you also nuts about nut butters?

When you try the recipe, remember to share it on Instagram with #ninasempire – can’t wait to see your beauties!


Lots of love,



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