I gave up coffee. Well, it’s not so much that I gave it up, like intentionally.. it’s more of just listening to my body. And, as it seems, my body no longer wants coffee. Which, I must admit, wasn’t the easiest tuning into my body I’ve ever done – I’ve been drinking coffee since my […]


Wondering what I eat for breakfast? This is it, ladies (and gentlemen!) Simple, delicious “a little bit of this, a little bit of that” kind of granola. I am eating it every day for breakfast for the last 4 weeks and it’s really delicious.Got bored of oatmeal, yes, it’s wonderful, delicious, comforting and perfect for […]


Christmas is almost there, and you found out that your entire family has been secretly eating cookies and there’s almost nothing left. Time for last-minute banana cookies. I love them so much because they’re insanely easy to make AND there are endless ways to be creative with them. Let’s get to baking, friend!! Here are […]


The next on my list of delicious Christmas cookies are my new favorite. Why? Because all you need is a couple of basic ingredients, they’re easy and fun to make AND they’re freaking delicious. Such a rich taste! As with the last ones, we’re gonna use whole grain spelt flour, because whole grains add a […]


Ok, I’m gonna pretend it’s December & time for Christmas because I refuse to wait any longer. And the decorations appeared around the city, so it’s totally legit.   I’m currently visiting my hometown & it’s been so much fun – I am yet to figure out how to force myself to travel back home. […]


Knowing how amazing chocolate is ( super dark chocolate!), I was thinking we should celebrate it more often. Personally, I eat chocolate every single day, along wih the rest of my family – it’s our thing, taking care of our longevity all together. Being healthy is easy, after all. What’s important, though, is to become […]

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