We have been led astray.
Evolving, creating new technology, leading “modern” lives has been separating us from our roots for a long time. Yes, technology and modernisation bring us a lot of benefits in our everyday lives.
But, we have also grown familiar with gray streets, gray buildings, walking through white halls. We get our food in packages, not knowing where it comes from. Trees are just decorations on the side of the roads. We sanitize everything, we want everything to be as clean as possible and see earth as .. dirt.
(Note; this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash your hands/yourself 😛 )

Through this journey of evolution and modernisation, we have forgotten where we came from.
As children, we knew. Our souls have always known and they still do.
Children love playing with earth, collecting sticks and stones, making soups out of leaves and mud. Children love touching trees, leaves, animals.
Children have no issues whatsoever with getting dirty, with crawling all over the place.

We were all born knowing, we were born connected. Somewhere along the way, we may have forgotten.

Now is time to come home.

It’s time to recognize who we are.
It’s time to remember the truth – we are a part of Momma Nature, and she’s very much alive.

She’s hurting.
She is waiting for us to remember, she is waiting for us with her arms wide open.
All we have to do is let ourselves fall back into these loving arms. Come home to our Momma.
So, this Thursday evening, let’s let ourselves fall.

We are going to talk about reconnecting with Mother Nature:

– Why is it so important

– What can it look like

– How can we easily connect with Mother in our everyday lives

– How can we help our Mother heal

Afterwards, we dive into a beautiful, healing meditation, with a purpose to let ourselves fall into her loving arms, but also helping our Mother heal.
We need to take responsibility and love her deeply – it is the love we have for our Mother that’s going to heal us AND her.

Sending you lots of love!

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