• On your 106th diet?
  • Starting a new diet every single Monday?
  • Tired of steamed broccoli & chicken?
  • Fearful of seeing yourself in the mirror?
  • Anxious about eating out?
  • Afraid of calories?
  • Hate your body no matter what the scale says?
  • Ready to ditch the diet + binging and make peace with food?

Imagine what it would feel like if you were completely free to eat whatever you want forever?

Imagine what it would feel like if you were spending your precious days living your best damn life instead of dreaming about that chocolate cookie you’re not allowed to have.

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I’m Nina. I’m an intuitive eating nutritionist, self-love coach and an anti-diet advocate. My gift is helping you break up with diets + binge eating and make ultimate peace with food!

I know what it’s like.

You want to stop with endless diets.

You want to stop obsessing about food and nutrition information, but just can’t figure out how.

You want to feel in control around food but it feels impossible.

You’ve reached the tipping point..

But you feel like a piece of puzzle is missing..

Like no matter how hard you try, you’re stuck in endless cycle of dieting

You see other women enjoying their lives without obsessing about food,

but you still get anxious around cake

You’ve been wondering why some women are free to eat whatever they want without punishing themselves for it

You’ve been wondering what’s their secret, how the F can someone leave a piece of cake half eaten?!

How can she eat pizza without guilt?!

You’re so confused with all the information about nutrition out there, you feel like you shouldn’t eat anything anymore

You feel like your worth depends on the number on the scale

You feel like all you think about is food

You feel like food is the center of your world – and “you really shouldn’t” eat it

You’re here because you’re ready for a breakthrough!

You just need to know how!

You wanna live a life:

– without counting calories/macros

– free from restrictiong & endless dieting

– where food doesn’t control you

– where eating is EASY

– where you’re free to eat whatever the F you want

– where you feel amazing in your body

Eating is supposed to be easy!

Healthy relationship with food is NATURAL for all of us!

You just learned to tune out & not listen to your body’s natural signals

I found myself in the same story;

I’ve tried all the diets

I’ve spent a decade of my life obsessing about food, diets, losing weight

I spent my springs starving myself to allow myself to go to the beach when summer comes

Fridge + scale being my closest friends

5 years ago, I finally decided it’s enough.

I was DONE with restrictions, meal plans & eating my issues instead of solving them.

I was DONE starving myself or overating to the point of huge discomfort

Determined to learn what I was doing wrong, I started my journey towards food freedom

Soon after, I learned I wasn’t doing anything wrong!

I wasn’t broken!

I didn’t fail diets – diets failed me!

Hating myself into loving myself never worked.

Diets screwed with my brain!

I gave my power to food.

I decided to invest in myself. I went all in.

I spent tons of time and thousands of euros to learn how to make peace with food and myself, how to find freedom. During that time and with all of my education as nutritionist, life coach, hypnotist, NLP practitioner I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

I was free.

I finally felt free in my body and free around food.

You didn’t fail diets!

You’re not broken.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You have everything you need to live your best life inside of you right now!

You have all the skills, abilities & everything you need to make peace with food!

You just need some guidance.

You need someone to show you the way.

You need someone who can provide you with the fastest, most efficient way to freedom.

Someone to help you challenge and transform everything you believe about food

Someone to guide you OUT of the diet culture and LIES you’ve been told!

Someone to help you get to the root of your relationship with food + yourself, to discover the real issue & dissolve it.

Someone to help you get clear on your food relationship vision & make it happen.

I’m here, baby!

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Together, we will heal your relationship with yourself + food!

We will elevate your entire life through making peace with food!

You will come back home to yourself – intuitive eating is NATURAL way of eating.

You already know how to eat, you just need to release everything diet culture taught you.

You will find your own version of health – you will learn what health really looks like FOR YOU and how to honor yourself without restrictions!

You will finally feel at home in your body.

You will finally feel confident and peaceful around food!

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– Crystal clarity on what’s truly holding you back

– Discovering your beliefs about food

– Releasing limiting beliefs, food rules & diet mindset

– What needs are being unmet that you’re trying to meet with food

– Learning how to cope with emotions without food

– Clarity on who you are & why you’re awesome

– Learning all you want to know about gentle, loving nutrition and movement to take loving care of yourself with JOY


     What’s included?

– 60-90 minutes calls

– Unlimited texting/emails in between

– Between sessions homework

– Any additional materials I feel will benefit you, such as ebooks, resources, tools, hypnosis..


  • you are seriously ready to take ownership of your relationship with food 
  • you want to freely eat and & all foods you want, whenever you want without stress, anxiety, guilt or shame
  • you want to stop restrictive eating and/or stop overeating
  • you want learn how to respect and love your body
  • you are ready to take tons of action to uplevel your current situation
  • you are ready to experience total freedom in eating & living 
  • you are ready for life without binge eating and dieting
  • want to see huge increase in your confidence, happiness & productivity
  • you are ready to take yourself seriously & invest in yourself 


  • you’re not ready to take 100% responsibility for your relationship with food & fully commit to the process 
  • you need medical attention or treatement for eating disorder
  • you are looking for weight loss or a quick fix like whole30, paleo, keto etc.
  • you’re not ready to leave calorie/macro counting & food obsession in the past

If you’ve made it this far, I’m guessing you’re wondering if working with me is a right decision for you. Stop for a moment, and tune into your heart. Listening to your heart will always put you on the right path.

I know this is a big decision. I know healing your relationship with food would elevate your whole existence and change the way you live your life.

But it doesn’t matter what I know.

It only matters what YOU know.

So take a moment to sit and relax. Take a few deep breaths and tune into your heart.

Ask yourself – is this what I need?

Feel how would it feel to be deeply supported on your healing journey. Feel what would it be like to be free of diets, to feel easy around food. Feel what it would feel like if you walked through life confident, feeling amazing in your body. Imagine waking up to a life where you know, with every fiber of your being, that you’re good enough, beautiful and at peace.

Trust the answer you receive. Trust whatever guidance shows up for you. Your heart knows the best.

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Support is available to you.

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FOOD FREEDOM PRIVATE COACHING is available as 4 to 12 sessions package.

  • 4 sessions + 1 bonus session
  • 8 sessions + 1 bonus session
  • 10 sessions + 2 bonus session

Payment plans for FOOD FREEDOM PRIVATE COACHING are available.

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