Once upon a time, I defined myself as someone who is messy & absolutely proud of that. One of the “creative mess” people. Except that it was more of a creative chaos.

I thought I’m being cool, and truthfully, I really didn’t care what my space looked like.

I had far more important stuff to do – teenage stuff, like being stupid & thinking you’re super smart for doing so. 🙂


One day, I stumbled upon some Feng Shui book (thanks mom – she was reading it at the time) & curious as I am, I wanted to see what’s that weird stuff I can’t pronounce all about.

A week or two later, my room, & with it my whole life completely transformed.

It was one of the most powerful experiences I had in my entire life. After spending a week locked in my room, just getting rid of all the shit I collected over the years, I walked out like a new person.

It’s like a cloud of useless, stale energy, memories was lifted & I could see clearly – I did have some power over my life. I could make a difference in my life. Life wasn’t just happening to me, I was a part of the equation.


It was this experience that tought me the power of decluttering. Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan & I have no problem throwing + giving away anything that no longer serves me.

Clothes I haven’t wore in a year? Bye bye. (No, I don’t even care how pretty they are. If I’m not wearing them, someone else will)

Papers I thought I may need in the next couple of months? Bye bye.

All these tiny craps I thought I’d fix, but have been collecting dust for months? Bye bye.


You see, I know that getting rid of what no longer serves me is the easiest way to open up space in my life for new, fresh things that do serve me.

You see, I know that getting rid of what no longer serves me is the easiest way to open up space in my life for new, fresh things that do serve me. Click To Tweet

And what’s true for our closets is also true for our kitchens.

So many of us want to embrace a little bit healthier lifestyle & are dipping toes into self-love. Yet, we hoard super old foods in the pantry.

I know this was true for me – I had some bags I didn’t even remember how they got there. I even had a can of some food I moved with us when we were moving to a new apartment. How crazy is that? It was sitting in an old apartment for months & nobody cared for it, but when we were moving out, I somehow thought we’d suddenly need it.

Now, before laughing at me, look in the mirror, girl. I’m pretty sure you have similar items in your kitchen. 🙂


Which is why we’re going to talk all about decluttering precious space where the foundation of our health happens.


1. Before we get started


I know the idea of decluttering the whole kitchen may seem super overwhelming. Therefore, don’t start with “work” in mind.

Start with love. Make it a ritual, something you’re looking forward to.

I’d suggest deciding your declutter start some pretty, free day you’re gonna dedicate to yourself.

Weekends work well.

You’re gonna mark it in your calendar – MY DAY. You’re gonna wake up, enjoy your morning, coffee, breakfast. Relax, read a nice book with your coffee – whatever works for you. Get up, go for a nice walk or something similar that puts you in a good mood.

I don’t want you to start decluttering in a bad mood, overwhelmed – that won’t send out high vibe energy to your lovely space you want to take care of.


Then, when you’re feeling great & already did something nice for yourself, you can turn on some awesome music you love & decide to visit your kitchen for 30mins.

That’s all. Give yourself permission to leave anytime you want.

I find that once I start, I’m not leaving anytime soon. But I give myself permission to do so, to make sure there’s no pressure.


2. Get rid of the crap


Of course, we’re going to start making our kitchen of self-love by getting rid of everything we don’t need.

My recommendation is to start with the dishes.

You have some old glasses you enver use because you find them ugly, but keep them anyways because.. they’re glasses & glasses are technically not garbage? Time to get rid of those. Give them away to someone who’ll find value in them.

The same goes for all the dishes that you’re not in love with. These old shabby pans? Lids without matching pots? Broken lids?

Kitchen utensils and gadgets that sounded cool when you bought them, but you don’t even know how to use? Or you use them like once every 3 years?


My personal rule is, if I haven’t used it in the last couple of months, I won’t be using it.


Now, you may argue you’re having some special dishes you use for special occasions – these you can put in a box to keep somewhere safe & put out when a special occasion happens.

As far as decorations go, ask yourself if they’re still something that brightens up your day when you look at it. If no, you know what to do.

This is a good time to take a look at your kitchen counter. What do you have there that you no longer want?

How easy it is to operate in your kitchen? How fast can you get the things you constantly use? How many useless things are in the way?

Also, what’s up with your dish towels? Toss the old, ripped apart ones & ones that are just too dirty to ever look clean again. You don’t want that in your new kitchen of self-love.


When you’re done ditching dishes & similar kitchen utensils you don’t need, along with decorations you don’t like, we’re going to check your cleaning supplies.


Multiple bottles of the same product? Combine them.

Do you even really need 50 bottles of cleaning products? How can you survive with less?

I use some universal cleaning product that’s good for my countertops as well as my floor. Talk about minimalistic.

Being practical comes over being fancy.


Now we’re moving towards medicine. If you store tons of pills, vitamins & similar crap in an ugly box in your kitchen, now is time to check in & see what do you need from these.

First ditch everything that’s expired & then ditch everything you don’t use.

Example of this for me were some random pills I bought for memory, back when I was studying nutrition. They looked cool in the store, but I never took even one. Sure candidate for ditching.

Best for last – food.

Organize getting rid of the food going from pantry items to freezer – you may not want to have super old frozen stuff thawing while you’re moving forward.

Similar to medicine, first thing we’re going to look for is everything that’s expired & throw it away.

Then we’re going to check in with ourselves & get rid of all the foods we don’t want to be eating.

For me example of this was super old white flour & sugar, I had hidden under tons of other foods & didn’t use for like a year, and bought to bake cake for other people. I knew I wasn’t gonna need that again, so it was used as a toy for my daughter.


Which foods you don’t even like anymore? Which foods are not serving you in any way?

I’m not saying to throw cookies you love, they obviously serve you for enjoyment. But these old ones you keep just not to throw away – it’s time, babe.


Spices are another biggie – most of us have some spices we never use and don’t even like. Ditch them.

Then move on to the fridge & freezer. You’d be surprised what people find in their fridges & freezers when they search for crap.

Got a frozen piece of cake that’s freezer burned? Bye bye.

Anything expired? Anything that looks suspicious? Bye bye.


Show no mercy.

Remember, getting rid of crap serves a valuable purpose of creating space for the new, beautiful stuff. And having a pretty kitchen.

Once you’ve ditched all the useless things, it’s time for the next step.


3. Cleaning


Of course, once we’ve made the whole mess with turning our kitchen upside down & got rid of everything we don’t need, it’s time to clean up the mess.

And I mean serious cleaning here. I’d suggest cleaning everything inside & out. Shelves, pantry, counters, oven, stove, sink.

One by one, take your time.

If needed, you can leave this step for the next day (but make sure to really do it the next day!). Sometimes just getting rid of the crap takes the whole day & we feel drained.


I prefer going from the inside to the outside – cleaning insides of everything first, and then moving on to outside parts of shelves, counters etc.

Then I move on to the oven + stove, leaving sink the last.

When all is done, it’s time to throw the garbage away & clean the floor.


Of course, feel free to hire someone to do this step for you. It’s the most dreadful one, at least for me.


4. New looks


Now  when you’ve made your kitchen look like a paradise of welness, it’s time to have some fun.

Choose new style of the kitchen, perhaps a few decorations that are pretty reminders of the intention you have about your new experiences in the kitchen.


You can pick a few herbs & flowers for the windows.

Replace the cookie jar on your counter with a bowl of fresh fruit.

Just flow with the feeling, you’re allowed to put a final touch that’s aligned with your new vision. For the kitchen, for yourself.


The final step is to enjoy your new kitchen of course.

Do some grocery shopping & get all the cool foods worthy of your new space.




In my FREEBIE section, I’ve made a special, detailed “Decluttering checklist”, which you can print & use as a guide while doing the work.

Use it, it’s adorable & will keep you on track, every step of the way.




How often do you declutter?

Do you declutter? What’s your favorite decluttering part?

Also, when you’re done, snap a pic & tag me on the ‘Gram!


Lots of love,


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