Feeling like complete crap, not being capable of doing anything except eating way too much chocolate & binge watching the ENTIRE Netflix, exploding over smallest things, crying over touching commercials, uncontrolable urge to ruin my life, push away ALL the people, then feeling horrible for doing so.. One moment thinking everyone else sucks, next moment crying because I suck.

Week or two of acting “like a crazy person”, followed by a couple of days surviving excruciating pains in a fetal position, wondering why the hell I couldn’t be a man.

Once a month, this used to be my story. Every single month – two weeks of “being normal”, week or two of “being crazy” & another acouple of days of surviving in fetal position.

Worst part? Being around people who didn’t get it. Like a people I used to know who never missed a chance of saying how their mothers never had any PMS & it’s all some modern made-up thing. Needless to say, these people were men & those mothers were miserable 🙂

I thought this is what it means to be a woman, to be me. Just doing my best to survive half a month without completely ruining my life “because of the crazy hormones”. But deep inside, I always had this whisper of disbelief – it cannot possibly be such a curse to be a woman.

Little did I know that there was a better way indeed.

Perhaps you share a similar story. Where you feel like “a normal human being” half of the month, and other half of the month you wonder WHY ME.

Where you can manage everything perfectly half a month, and other half a month you spend drowning in chocolate + Netflix, blaming your womb. Not having energy to deal with.. life.

Perhaps you too have people in your life telling you you’re making it all up. Telling you it’s not okay to act differently because of the hormones. Perhaps even calling you crazy.

Maybe you secretly feel guilt & shame just for being a woman. For having “to suffer” half a month.

But, what if instead of shutting our bodies up, we work with them?

What if we embrace the fact that nature – and we are nature – is cyclical; we’re meant to work in cycles instead of pushing through linear way of being.

What if instead of gulping a bunch of pills half a month, we give ourselves freedom to take it easy, to rest.

What if being a woman wasn’t punishment, but a blessing?

What if PMS wasn’t about surviving, but had a greater purpose on our self-love journey?

Digging deeper into being a woman – specifically, hormonal health, I stumbled upon tons of precious information about our cycles.

Learning all I could lay my hands on, I started appreciating being a woman so much more. Suffering through PMS became a history, and, although I still learn, it’s much easier to extend myself some grace, instead of pushing through.

You see, PMS is when our estrogen is growing & pilling up to be released during period. Hormonal changes are a real thing – it’s nothing modern nor made-up. The reason why so many women suffer in silence is shame & guilt society has built over centuries about being a woman (especially the part where we bleed – that’s still a taboo topic not many dare to discuss). This doesn’t mean it’s not real – contrary, it means we must speak up & let go of the shame.

Funny enough, I’ve learned PMS is the best time of the month for letting go of all that no longer serves us. During PMS, focus your attention on finishing the tasks you’ve started earlier, PMS is a great time to wrap things up.

Doing that will most likely lead to refining the details – notice how much easier it is to spot details during this time of the month. That’s because you’re naturally wired to do so, in order to refocus & let go.

Furthermore, considering that PMS allows us to catch the details we normally perhaps wouldn’t & considering it’s time of letting go – save your decluttering work for PMS. It’s miraculous!

PMS is the time when you can easily get rid of everything that’s taking up your precious time + space. Whether it’s people, tasks or things.

I find that during PMS I always notice million things around the house that need to be done – because this is the time to notice them & fix them.

Another aspect of PMS is demanding respect. I believe this is also a part of why it’s easy to push our buttons during PMS; it’s the best time of the month for us to set boundaries. To be fearless with claiming our rights & needs.

That’s why we’re so quick to react if we don’t feel respected or endangered in any way this time a month.

It’s characteristic for women during PMS not to be afraid of what others think. Not being afraid to pursue what she wants.

Embrace this fearlessness – embrace your authenticity.

Another characteristic of PMS is having a bit lower energy than usual. Accept this as perfectly fine & don’t bother pushing through.

For me this means no extra-hard workouts as in ovulating period, more yoga & just walking through the nature.

If we push too hard during PMS, cortisol is released, making a hormonal cocktail we do not want to be victims of. Working with our bodies instead of against them is crucial for any time of the month, especially PMS.

I’d recommend easy workouts, perhaps some dancing, yoga, pilates or walking in the nature.

As far as nutrition goes, make sure you get enough vitamins B + magnesium. If you find yourself craving chocolate, it’s a sign you could use some extra magnesium. Having said that – good quality chocolates & cacao are a wonderful source of magnesium (which is why we crave them, body knows what it needs), as well as dried fruits, especially figs. If you need some inspiration for your PMS meals, check out my recipes, such as:

PMS is the time to prepare for our periods, which should be times of rest. It’s the time to finish projects, to see how’s the month going, what changes need to be made. Both in business & personal life.

It’s the time of the month to protect ourselves, not to let anyone walk over us & take some extra care of ourselves.

This will make space for time of period, to get some rest when it comes – and to have clarity to make decisions; because menstruation is the best time for that.

Closing thoughts

I now know there’s certain power in being a woman. What I once considered my weakness, I now see as a blessing.

I deeply believe that now is THE time in history to release all the shame & guilt about being a woman, and let ourselves speak louder than ever.

Also, I’d love this article to be a call for us to stand together. Oftentimes, women are seen as enemies for each other. I was always amazed by the fact that first people who will judge me as loud as possible are women.

In the most silliest of ways – never once I heard a man coming to my home & saying his opinion if “there’s a bit too much dust on the TV”, asking when’s the last time we cleaned the floor or looking around with judgement in his eyes. Or being critized by a man saying “it’s just an advice”. Or saying PMS is a made-up thing & they worked all their lives with no problem no matter what was the time of the month.

Women are often the loudest ones to judge other women – whether it’s about having a dirty house, being a bad mother, daughter, wife, or being too fat, too skinny, too much of whatever – there’s always something they can find to critise.

I’d like to ask women who’re quick to judge – why?

When they honestly answer that question, I believe judgement will disappear.

I believe it’s time to break that “enemy” circle – we belong together.

Let us speak up & unite. Let us elevate this planet – together.


How connected are you with your feminine side?

What’s your connection to PMS?

Do you judge or feel judged by other women?

How can you contribute to breaking the enemy circle?

Lots of love,


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