The thing about life is – it doesn’t wait for anyone.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve had times in your life when an opportunity knocked on your doors.

You got all excited for a moment, but then you decided to be “mature” & think about it, just for a second. To go through all the scenarios. Which quickly turned into a bunch of worst case scenarios that would never happen in a million years. Yet, it seemed so real.


Suddenly, sitting on the couch, removing chips crunches from your bra while watching Netflix looked like a smarter choice.

At least I won’t waste any money, you invented an excuse.

At least I’m not taking any risks. At least now I know where I am.

I mean, yeah, I do wanna live that extraordinary life I dream about when I dare.. I do wanna be that strong confident woman who is a boss of her life.

But, what if..


And then you settle.

You postpone your dreams.

Opportunity is gone.


You can, after all, start tomorrow. Another chance will show up, for sure.


Let me ask you a question – how many times did you promise yourself you’ll start tomorrow?

How many times you wanted something in your life real bad, but fear crawled in – and you went back to the old, comfortable, familiar?

How many promises you’ve made to yourself that tomorrow you’re finally gonna get up, move your booty & become a whole new person who has her shit together?

How many New Year’s resolutions did you make & actually followed through?


If the answer is anything less than GIRL, I’m 100% commited to myself – how do you feel about that?

How does breaking promises to yourself affect the way you feel about yourself?

How does failing yourself affect your confidence? Your trust in yourself?


If you had a best friend in your life who kept abandoning you, breaking promises to you, saying they’re gonna change tomorrow, but not actually doing anything – would you trust them? Or would you run for dear life?


You see, you’re even more than a best friend – to yourself. You’re the person you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with, whether you like it or not.

And those dreams you barely dare to have, in the back of your mind?

They’re only gonna get louder.

They’re gonna haunt you forever.


Because you’re meant to have them, girlfriend.

But guess what – if you don’t commit to yourself, to your vision, your dreams – nobody else will.

Nobody will take your hand & say, come Sally, you just sit here & I’m gonna make your dreams come true.

Nobody is able to make a decision & take action for you.


I’m sorry, but it’s just not how life works.


My friend, you’re the ONLY person responsible for your dreams. You’re the ONLY person responsible for your life. You’re the ONLY person responsible for yourself.

I know it may sound scary – and I know it’s not an easy road, but, trust me – no other road is worth taking.


Imagine what would it feel like if you were waking up every day knowing that you’re going to get closer to your vision.

Imagine if you embraced your power to create your life – what would you do with it?

What are those dreams you barely dare to dream?

How would they affect your family? Friends? World?


Girl, I know you have it in you. The power to move goddamn mountains.

I know you’re SO MUCH BIGGER than you allow yourself to be.


I want to see you thrive.

I want to see you know that the only person who gets to write the story of your life, is YOU.

I want to see you claim your power.


The best part?

First step is so damn easy. It’s just A DECISION.


It’s a decision, that no matter what, you’re going to GO FOR IT. That you’re not gonna let anyone or anything hold you back.

A decision that, from TODAY (not tomorrow), you’re DONE postponing your dreams.

A decision that, girl, you’re SO WORTH IT.


If you don’t believe me – I have an exercise for you.

Find a photo of yourself as a small child, or a baby. The one with a huge smile on your face. Take a moment & go through her head; that innocent, wonderful, dreamy head where ANYTHING was possible. Do you remember her?

Take the photo, look at that little girl, take a deep look into her eyes & try telling her she’s not worth it. Try telling her that she can just wait & start tomorrow. Try telling her to settle. Try telling her to play small. Try telling her that her dreams don’t matter. Really try to look deep into her trusting eyes & tell her she’s not worthy of pursuing her dreams.

How does it feel? Does it feel like a bunch of bullshit? That’s because you & I both know, it is.


The moment you really make decision to commit to yourself, make it with true power behind it – empty promises no longer count, is the moment your life starts to unfold in ways you can’t even grasp.

The opportunities, the people, the courses, the books – whatever you need suddenly appears.


All you need to do is act.


It’s your time to create your future. It’s your time to be, do, have & feel anything you want.

Just go for it!


P.s. Doors to my 2019 BY DESIGN program where I’ll teach you ALL you need to know about designing your life, instead of letting it drift by are OPEN NOW.

If you’re ready to claim your power & create a life that feels amazing – I’d love to see you on the inside!

I really want to share with you all the tools, knowledge, skills & tricks to make sure next year at this time you’re mind-blown by your success!


Lots of love,


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