Except if you live under a rock (and if you do, oh how lucky you are!), through your life, you have heard a lot of talk about all sorts of “newest diets” that promise weight loss, eternal happiness, health, rainbow unicorns and stuff.

Lately, those diets often call themselves lifestyles too – do not be fooled, it’s just a cuter name. Diet industry needed a cuter name because we were all getting sick of diets.
And of course you’re sick of diets.
How many did you try? How many foods did you cut out? How many foods did you label as bad, as guilty pleasure? How many times did you count your almonds and let the kitchen scale decide how many blueberries you’re allowed to eat? How many times did you cry on the kitchen floor because you ate an entire ice cream tube, all the cookies you had and a pizza? How many times did you hate yourself because of the food?

All these food rules and restrictions, under a promise of health, weight loss and eternal happiness are harming you way more than a donut ever could.
We have bought into this harmful idea that you can only be healthy if you lose weight.
You can only be worthy if you lose weight.
You can only be successful if you lose weight.
You can only be confident if you lose weight.
You can only find love if you lose weight.

Weight loss has become moral imperative – if you’re not actively trying to fit into smaller pants or trying to stay at lower weight to avoid getting fat, you’re automatically seen as a failure in this toxic diet culture.
We have been forcefully fed lies.

No wonder we hate our bodies – we are BOMBARDED 24/7, from every corner, with ideas of thin, “ideal” bodies.
No wonder we feel like failures – we have tried ALL the freaking diets and yet, we end up right back where we started (with, on average, 10 extra pounds, as research shows).
Well, my dear friend, I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.
Please understand, you never failed.

It’s what they do – they work short term (think 6 months, up to a year), but long term, more than 98% of dieters gain all the weight back and then some. While still feeling fearful, stressed and anxious around food. Those who don’t, engage in seriously disordered behaviours to maintain their weight loss.
Is any of this health?
How can these disordered behaviours ever be considered healthy? How did we end up here?
It’s time to change the story.

Intuitive eating is a self-care practice, where you create healthy relationship with food.
Intuitive eating can help you deeply appreciate the food you’re eating, your body.
You can feel relaxed around food. You can finally enjoy the foods you’re eating.
You can have ALL the foods you love in your eating world.

Imagine how your life would change if eating was a simple, pleasurable experience.
You can be a part of new narrative, you can be a part of change.
You can be a woman who focuses on the true health, and true health cannot come from restriction, anxiety, fear and stress.

Intuitive eating is a way for us to come home – come home to who we are. We were all born intuitive eaters. You already know how to do this. You already have it in you. It’s your natural way of being.

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Sending you lots of love!

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