In part 1 of Intuitive Eating event, we have been talking all about:

– Why diets don’t work

– Disordered eating and how it harms you

– Food rules and limiting beliefs about our bodies, food, health and life that diet culture created for us

– What is health

– What is intuitive eating and how does it support your health

– Principles of intuitive eating

– How to take care of your health with a non-diet approach

This week, I would love us ground this new perception, this wisdom you are rediscovering – because you were born knowing. You were born perfect, you were born at home, knowing how to listen to your body.

Intuitive eating is natural for all of us.
During “Intuitive Eating: Healing Chocolate Meditiation” event, we will reaffirm what we have learned last week, and then, we will embody this truth with a beautiful meditation!

Through the healing meditation, I will be using reiki and some other modalities that will help you ground yourself into the peace, into this relaxed, easy relationship with food.

Eating should be easy and pleasurable!

“Intuitive Eating: Healing Chocolate Meditation” event is perfect for everyone, considering that holidays are coming – holidays often bring overwhelm when it comes to food, especially if you’re not feeling comfortable with food.
Holidays also kinda make us forget to take loving care of ourselves.

I’d love this meditation to be your companion through these times, to let you anchor the truth that you can enjoy food, you can eat with freedom, and you can prioritize your self-care (starting with allowing yourself to enjoy all the foods you love)!

ESPECIALLY during holidays, and especially during 2020 holidays – we’re experiencing such.. Interesting and intense times, it’s really important to have grounding practice and to take care of ourselves.

Important: Bring a piece of your favorite chocolate. You’ll need it!

Sending you lots of love!

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