In the Journey through HERstory part 1, we have been revealing HERstory.
Story of what it meant to be a woman, story of our collective pain and trauma we have inherited from our ancestors.
We have been talking about our importance, strength, bravery and resilience.

“Journey through HERstory, part 2 – Healing the Wounded Feminine” will help you heal the wounded feminine within and create your vision for the future.

To be able to truly heal, we needed to learn about the thread of womanhood through HIStory, we needed to hear how we ended up in the here & now.
Now that we know where we come from, we are able to dive into healing.

I will be holding space for this healing, we’re gonna have a beautiful meditation journey through HERstory in the past, honoring women who came before, but also creating the vision for women we want to be.
I will be incorporating different modalities through this healing meditation, so that we can get the most of it.

Sending you lots of love!

Remember, you are beyond strong, resilient and powerful. HERstory is not over, we’re just getting started.

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