Wild woman, it’s time to come home.

Your soul is calling you.

Your soul wants to be heard, honored, expressed.

It’s time to birth the wild woman within. Awaken your deepest nature.

Home is waiting. The Great Mother, Lady Moon, Your Wild Soul, Divine Feminine.

Moon Sisters Membership is a sacred space for wild woman’s self-care, in a deep, nurturing way.

Self-care is baths and peelings, yes.
But, sister, self-care is also shedding the layers that no longer belong to you.
Self-care is commitment to healing. Showing up for yourself.
Taking a moment to breathe.
Listening to your inner wisdom, even when it seems crazy. Especially when it seems crazy.
Self-care is alignment with cycles; your menstrual cycle, natural cycles and seasons.

Self-care is fully trusting your body.

We’ve learned that only hustle is acceptable. Our to-do lists never end. Our success seems to depend on the endless working hours.
We do more, do faster, do it all. For everyone but ourselves. We always come last.
Be productive. Go big or go home.

While our souls silently weep.

In the midst of the void we’re living in, in the midst of chaotic world, new paradigm is being birthed.
New chapter of HERstory is unfolding.

Gentle moonlight as her guidance, she’s stretching, twisting, ready to find her way home.
Home to your body. Home to your inner wisdom. Home to the Great Mother.

Moon Sisters Membership is a unique container for gentle healing under the moonlight, held by the love of sisters.
Moon Sisters Membership celebrates woman’s nature, cycles and seasons.

What to expect?

Every month, we will have a Moon Sisters Theme of the Month, around spirituality, wild woman awakening, healing, womanhood, menstrual cycle, intuitive eating, HAES, self-love and much more.

Every single theme is specifically picked and designed to bring you home to yourself, to awaken the wild woman within, to help you heal and embody your true self.

Who is Moon Sisters Membership for?

Moon Sisters is for a woman who is ready to embody herself.

Woman who wants to connect deeply to her divine feminine. Her wildness. Her nature.

Woman who wants to tap into her mountain energy – grounded, powerful, unshakeable.

Woman who wants to heal her relationship with her body, her femininity, her sacredness.

Woman who is ready to unite with her body, work with her body instead of pushing against until she burns out.

Moon Sisters is for a woman who is ready for her own magnificent self.

You will receive:

Take a few deep breaths and listen to your inner wisdom. If your heart feels excited, if Moon Sisters feels like a place for you, I’d be honored to have you as a part of our Sisterhood. Click below to become a member.

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