It’s time to talk morning routine. If you’ve been in a self-development world for over 5 minutes, you’ve surely noticed that all successful people have morning routines & swear by them. There’s indeed something magical in starting our day by prioritizing our wellbeing.

After all, we cannot pour from an empty cup. And if Oprah has one, we need one as well.


Even without any additional benefits, when comparing the two lifestyles it’s easy to choose a winner:

Person A sets 50 alarm clocks which start ringing 3 hours before she actually gets up & it disrupts her sleep. She finally gets dressed in under 2 minutes & runs out of the door to the first meeting of the day, drinking coffee on the way, without having time to even wake up, let alone get truly ready. Or eat something nourshing.


Person B goes to sleep early enough, wakes up an hour or two earlier. She has time to do whatever it is to set herself up for a successful day. She can enjoy her morning coffee peacefully, she can exercise, meditate & journal. She eats a wonderful, healthy breakfast & sets intentions for the day.

Once her cup is full, she goes to the first meeting of the day, feeling refreshed & energized.


Who do you feel will have a better, more productive day?


Therefore, I wanna share what my morning routine looks like (hint: it doesn’t have to be complicated) & give you a few ideas that you can include in yours!


My morning routine

I usually wake up around 6am, an hour before anyone else. Except the dog who greets me happily 🙂

Before I even get out of the bed, I list in my head all the things I’m grateful for, starting with being grateful that I woke up. There was no guarantee for that.

When I feel gratitude with every cell of my being, I get up & start making my coffee.

While coffee is brewing, I go over all of my affirmations with gentle streching. I also make sure to jump at least 10 times, usually still repeating my affirmations. It may sounds silly, but it’s super beneficial for our lymph system. Lymph system needs movement to be activated & jumping activates it pretty well.


After that, I make sure to drink a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

By this point, my coffee is done & I’m ready to leave the kitchen.


Luckily, nobody sees my morning kitchen craziness, I’m pretty sure jumping around while chanting affirmations would raise some eyebrows.

Then it’s time for my morning visualisation. I usually use a guided visualisation, it takes ca. 15 minutes.

By the time I’m done with my visualisation, coffee reaches the perfect temperature. Then I either pick up the book I’m currently reading & read till everyone’s up, or I pick up my journal to do some future pacing & then grab my book.


See – pretty simple. The whole routine takes an hour & every minute is utilized to the maximum.


I used to have much longer & complicated morning routine, but it didn’t work well & I ended up being frustrated most of the mornings. So I cut it off & created a new one that works for me. Exactly what I recommend for you – find out what works for you & is enjoyable. If meditating for half hour is dreadful to you, don’t do it. If you want to pick up the book & read right away, do that.

The key of the successful morning routine is to LOVE every single moment. That’s the only way it’s gonna set you up for a successful day.

The key of the successful morning routine is to LOVE every single moment. That’s the only way it’s gonna set you up for a successful day. Click To Tweet

Practices to include in your morning routine:


  • Drinking a glass of water with fresh lemon juice

After a whole night without drinking, this should be the first thing we do in the morning (maybe second; I must pee before anything else 🙂 ) Lemon water is awesome because it’s rich in vitamins, brings our pH in balance, it boosts our metabolism & activates it. Vitamin C is also great for our skin & is a powerful antioxidant.


  • Exercise

I wrote about benefits of exercising already, but let’s sum it up nevertheless. Exercise is a great way to start your day, to activate your entire body – including metabolism & lymph system. Apart from its physical benefits, like keeping our bones & muscles strong + reducing risk of several diseases, exercise helps us feel happier, ethusiastic & excited. A good way to start a day, right?

Also, exercise is beneficial for our brain power.

You don’t need to go crazy; a few minutes of exercise is much better than nothing – my morning streching + jumping also takes max 10 minutes. Maybe you just wanna put on some awesome music & dance around – that’s another brilliant way to start a day!


  • Meditation

Consistent meditation practice has tons of benefits – a lot of scientific research has been done to discover the benefits & they’ve shown some amazing results. Here’s a detailed list of benefits, I’m just gonna share that it’s awesome for our body, for our brain & for our emotional wellbeing.

It reduces stress & anxiety, it boosts our brain power, as well as metabolism. It improves our attention, focus & information processing.

Long story short, it makes us super humans.

As with everything else, start small & build up.


  • Journaling

As I wrote last week, journaling is an absolute game-changer. Even if it’s something as small as listing a few things you’re grateful for & why, it can help improve our quality of life.

You can get yourself a pretty journal that has built-in prompts (stay tuned for mine – it’s coming soon) or you can simply get yourself a pretty notebook & fill it up with your own ideas.

My journaling practice in the morning usually consists of future pacing – where I write things I want to experience in my life, but as if it’s already done. I usually start with “I am” because what you put behind these words has incredible power to shape your life. Our minds are always listening & it’s important to feed them with powerful stuff. Which brings me to..


  • Affirmations

In my freebie section I shared a beautiful ebook with all you need to know about affirmations + 101 self-love affirmations you can use.

As I’ve mentioned, what we put after “I am” has imense power – please be careful what you’re saying to yourself. You wanna feed your mind only positive stuff.

If you wanna go deeper & learn more about the power of your mind, make sure to join my “2019 WITH VISION” free challenge, we’re gonna cover some powerful stuff.


  • Visualisation

Probably my favorite part of the morning; where I get to experience everything that lies before me. As with affirmations, I’m gonna covera bit about visualisation in my free challenge – you really wanna be a part of it.

But let me share the most important part about visualisation – your brain doesn’t know if you’re imagining something or if it’s really happening. Therefore, while visualising living in that dream home, you’re training your brain to accept that as normal. And when it accepts it as normal, magic happens.


  • Motivation/Growth

Now, this part can be different for all of us – for me, it’s picking up a book and enjoying it. You may wanna listen to the empowering podcast or watch an inspirational video. Make sure it’s something that’s gonna give you a boost to go & conquer the day & that it’s something you find enjoyable + interesting. You probably don’t wanna start your day reading some super-heavy literature half of which you need a dictionary for. Pick something joyful. I love reading anything on personal development in the morning because thriving & helping others thrive sets my soul on fire & gets me in the right mood to get to work later on.


  • Cold shower

This one can be hard to implement, but I find cold showers incredibly useful. Aside from their health benefits, cold water really wakes me up & kick starts my day.

I don’t do this every morning as a part of my routine, though – I usually do it after the gym. Cold showers are beneficial for our entire bodies, starting with metabolism.

As for the mental benefits, there’s something powerful about deciding to show up for yourself in such an extreme manner. Builds confidence. Try it!


Closing thoughts

No need to incorporate all of these aspects at once. You don’t need to implement all of them at all.

Find what works for you & be flexible. If something works well now, doesn’t mean it’s always gonna work well. As always, check in with yourself & experiment.

But do make sure to prioritize yourself first thing in the morning, even if it’s only 10 minutes.

Make sure to prioritize yourself first thing in the morning, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Click To Tweet


What does your morning look like? Let me know – snap a morning selfie & tag me or use #ninasempire! I can’t wait to see!


If you know someone who’d benefit from this article, please share it – we need more good vibes!


Lots of love,


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