If you’re tired of

– feeling powerless and out of control with food

obsessing about cookies you “aren’t allowed to eat”

– starting a new diet every. single. Monday

desperately trying to fit into your high school jeans

And you’re looking for

FREEDOM from all the food mess

connection to your inner wisdom

peace with food and your body

Peace with Food will teach you:

– all about WHY diets fail

– what is disordered eating and why it’s NOT normal, no matter what diet culture told you

– what is true health and why diets just ain’t it

– why intuitive eating is essential ingredient for your true health

– what’s intuitive eating and how it helps you make peace with food and your body

exact steps, exercises and journaling prompts you need to make peace with food

BONUS!! Peace with Food Training contains a whole new section on cultivating positive body image, with exercises and journaling prompts designed to help you make peace with your body, to love what you see in the mirror!

Peace With food makes your journey back to intuitive eating easy and simple.

You don’t need to figure it all out alone. You don’t need to guess what may bring you closer to food freedom. You don’t need to wonder in the dark alone. Peace with Food will gently guide you through all the phases of intuitive eating.

You were born eating intuitively.

You were born loving your body.

You were born enjoying movement.

Home is where you can trust yourself with food.

Home is where you can trust your body.

Home is where you can trust your inner wisdom.

Peace with Food Training is an updated version of the old “Peace with Food: Life Beyond Diets” course that had over 1000 students.

This new, updated version of Peace with Food has added sections on WHY diets don’t work, all you need to know about disordered eating, deeper insights into each principle of intuitive eating, tons of brand new homework assignments and journaling prompts and a brand new section on Cultivating Positive Body Image.

Simply said, old Peace with Food was an amazing and beloved course, but new Peace with Food Training is next level experience – you’re going to LOVE it, even if you’re a student of old Peace with Food!

Peace with Food Training has been recorded for you. Get instant access now:

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P.S. With our beautiful Peace with Food Training you can get your own Peace with Food Journal to accompany you on your journey.

You will find all of the exercises and homework from the Peace with Food Training – it’s designed to expand your Peace with Food experience.

Get your copy here: Peace With Food: Journal to heal your relationship with food through intuitive eating