You have questions – I have answers.
I’ve collected all the questions you’ve been asking me about Self-love, Period. and I will answer all of them in this video.

If you have been thinking about joining Self-love, Period., but need a bit of reassurement, watch this video, and I will help you with all you need.

Some questions I will be answering are:

– I’m pregnant, can I still join?

– I have PCOS/thyroid issues/other specific hormonal issues, will I still benefit from Self-love, Period.?

– I’m on the pill, is Self-love, Period. still useful for me?

– I have a lot on my plate right now, will Self-love, Period. take a lot of my time?

– I have a limited budget, will I need to be buying super expensive foods or fancy supplements because of Self-love, Period.?

– What will we be doing during those 6 weeks?

– What is this reiki healing meditation?

– What if I can’t join our live calls?

– What happens when I sign up?

– What makes Self-love, Period. different?

And more..

If your soul has been calling you back to the wild, this is for you.
Self-love, Period. is my love song for all the wild women. It’s how I love you. And I do love each of you with all of my heart.

Sending you lots of love!

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