Your period matters.

Menstrual cycle can tell you a lot about your overall health – normal healthy period is an important sign that your body is getting everything it needs for your cycle and reproductive system to function normally

Regular, healthy cycle is a VITAL sign of health.

Because when your body doesn’t get enough energy and nutrients to function at optimal level, menstrual cycle is one of the first systems to suffer
Of course it is – if your body thinks it can’t support itself, it’s going to focus on essential systems like heart or brain..
And of course – if your body thinks it can’t support itself, it won’t think it’s capable of growing another human being.

Your cycle matters.

You were born to enjoy your female body.
Now you can learn how to work with your cycle instead of pushing through.
When you understand phases your body and mind are going through, every single month, you can unlock your superpower.
Being a woman IS magic. It is power. It is wild and it is gentle.
You have that magic within you, all of it. Your birthright, as a woman, is to have the magic within you.
Now it’s time to learn how to embrace it. How to step in it. How to bathe yourself in it – for the rest of your life.

Not getting your period is NOT normal.

Irregular periods are NOT normal.

Being tired all the time is NOT normal.

Needing 50 cups of coffee to survive a day is NOT normal.

Suffering PMS is NOT normal.

“Crazy bitch” time of the month is NOT normal.

Extreme mood swings are NOT normal.

Never desiring sex is NOT normal.

Don’t ignore these issues.
Your body is trying to tell you something.

Luckily, all of this can go back to normal – once you get your normal, healthy cycle back.

Healthy menstrual cycle is an important part of your longterm health
you can do a lot to support it
it’s really simple!

The secret is doing less!

Being one with your cycle, with your female body will transform the relationship you have with wellness.
Because Self-love. Period. is designed to support you in discovering exactly what works for you.
I understand that you are unique.
I understand that only YOU know what’s best for you. And, every step of the way, I honor your truth.

Self-love. Period. is different than any other program of this kind.
Because I let you take the wheel.
Because you know the best.

Self-love. Period. comes with no obligations and absolutely no restrictions.
Because I know intuitive eating is the only way you can create your own wellness.
Because I know restrictions don’t work and I refuse to tell you what to eat.
Because I know your body is wise, powerful and knows exactly what it needs to work wonderfully for you.

Self-love. Period. is different and gentle. Designed to honor your truth.

You were born to rejoice in your female body.
You were born a wild woman.
You were born knowing.

It’s time to dip yourself back into your wisdom.

So if you want to learn:

– How to nurture your hormones without complicated protocols, processes or horrible diets
– How to have healthy period
– Simple, sustainable lifestyle changes that make ALL the difference longterm
– All about the foundation of feminine self-care
– How to nourish your body with food freedom approach
– How to use biology of your menstrual cycle to make it your superpower
– How to handle the No.1 hormonal enemy

What’s included:

– 10 video modules to watch at your own pace, including:

1. General hormone nurturing modules: each of these modules serves as a foundation of lovingly nurturing your hormonal health. We talk about different aspects of hormone nurturing, while giving your full freedom of chosing what works for you and what you want to implement.

2. Sync in with your cycle modules: you will learn what each phase of the cycle looks like. You will learn  about different aspects of each phase of your cycle – inner aspects and physical aspects. We talk about how to use each phase of the cycle to help you live a life true to you, with exact steps, but without pressure of implementation.

– PDFs of each module, so that you can come back to it easily, whenever you need

– eCookbook to support you on your food freedom nourishing journey, where recipes are served to nourish you without painful restrictions

– Skin-love, Period. eBook for extra support when it comes to taking loving care of your skin

– Access to private FB community for support, where you can connect with other women on the same path and where you can ask me anything too

– 6 weekly coaching calls in our private FB community, where I will support you on your journey, discuss each module and answer any questions you may have

– Unlimited access to all materials

– Permanent 10% discount on ALL private 1:1 coaching with me


– 2 distance reiki sessions (worth $67 each)

– Self-love Meditation (worth $17)

– Powerful Confidence Hypnosis (worth $47)

Your investment for all of this: only $197!


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