Is self-love selfish?
What’s up with all this self-love talk? Why is it even important?
Who benefits from you loving yourself?

I’d like us to talk about self-love.
We’ve talked Period, now is time for Self-love. 🙂

Rarely anyone of us has learned, from a young age, that we are good enough, that we are worthy and that we deserve all the love in the world. That love starts with us.

We have learned to work hard on fixing ourselves, one way or the other. Women I work with try to fix themselves through food/lack of food. Others try to fix themselves by working 24/7. Some try to fix themselves and be worthy by giving away from an empty cup.

What if we could create a different way of being in the world?

How would the world be if we all realized the truth – we are already worthy, amazing, perfect in every way.
Now is the perfect time for this kind of work, according to planets. 😉

My dear friend, there’s nothing to fix.
But, there is a lot that needs your love.
So let’s normalize loving ourselves.

Sending you lots of love!

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