Before making any changes to your lifestyle and/or food habits, I’d like you to stop, breath and figure your why out.


Before making any changes to your lifestyle and/or food habits, stop & figure your why out. Click To Tweet


Simple as it sounds – take some time off, sit down, relax, pour a glass of your favorite drink and think about WHY do you want to change your lifestyle + food relationship.

Write it down.


Don’t write –I want to lose X kg. No, that’s not a why.

Why is:

  • WHY do you care for healthy lifestyle?
  • For who?
  • What will be different in your life if you woke up tommorrow feeling awesome about yourself?
  • What would be different in your life if you were full of energy?
  • With body you believe you need?
  • Health? Your self-confidence?
  • What are the things you could do with your new perspective?
  • What is beneath your desire to live healthier? What does living healthier mean to you?



For example, one of my major game-changers when it comes to food and healthy lifestyle was my daughter – I wanted to be a good example for her.

I know what it’s like to have a relatively bad example from parents (think smoking, drinking, overeating, dieting etc.). Although I love them very much, I realised I do not want my daughter to live in a similar circumstances. I certainly don’t want her to grow up to be someone who eats the whole chocolate alone to silent her feelings & talks about it like it’s funny. It’s not – it’s a bit sad.

I saw the POWER I have to shape the way my daughter feels about herself and food. Because children are so easy to shape – whatever I do, she accepts as perfectly normal & copies. I didn’t want her to think being at war with food & your body is normal. I knew I have the power to help her create a healthy relationship both with herself & food.


The first step I had to take was, of course, being a good example. This was one of the huge shifts in my food/health relationship.

I had to re-evaluate my food relationship & my relationship with myself, with my body. Re-evaluation took me where I am today & it’s still in progress – I don’t think it ever stops. However, questioning & doing some hard thinking about my relationship with myself & food resulted in great things.

It also naturally lead me to make a lot better food choices, without feeling like I’m missing out on anything, which is highly important. Healthy lifestyle needs to be enjoyable, not a sacrifice & suffering until next “cheat meal”.



Your goal may be similar, perhaps for yourself – you may realise you have to take care of yourself & create a healthy relationship with yourself + food for your own well-being.

And let me tell you, you do. You are the only person EVER who can truly invest in you. My main goal is to make sure you understand that your life is your responsibility. You have complete power over your life & your reasons. So make them good ones. Ok?

You are the only person EVER who can truly invest in you. Click To Tweet

Your family & friends can love you and try to help you, “make you feel better” etc, I can tell you all the things you need to know/hear, but at the end of the day, nobody can do it for you. We can’t eat for you, we can’t exercise for you, we can’t make your choices. Your life is a sum of your choices – you shape your life with everything you choose to do or not to do.

This is super important to understand – first step for any changes is to realise you’re responsible for your life.


Only you have the power to decide how you're going to live, from this moment on. Click To Tweet


Your decision starts with your why. If you have a shitty why, you won’t be willing to show up & take action to become better version of yourself. Losing weight is not a solution for leading a healthy lifestyle – loving yourself is. And the only way you’ll be able to start with journey effectively is if you know why.

If you have a shitty why, you won't be willing to show up & take action to become better version of yourself. Click To Tweet

So, I urge you to take this seriously & do some deep thinking + journaling.

You’re not the same person as you were yesterday – now you know you’re in charge.

Just reading this, being here is amazing and it’s a huge step & means you’re ready for any kind of changes (as long as you take it slow ;)) – you got this girl!


I’m proud of you!

Just be kind to yourself at all times & do this exercise with a positive feeling – Your body is already perfectly healthy & looks absolutely amazing!


Mantra of the day:

I am a loving person I need to be in order to feel amazing in my body! Click To Tweet


Lots of love,


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