Who doesn’t love a warm cup of deliciousness on a cold autumn day?I mostly certainly love it, so I’m sharing with you my new favorite! Apple ashwagandha latte:– Smells amazing– Nourishing– Simple to make– Warming– Magical 😉 Ashwagandha is AMAZING for your hormones. It’s packed with antioxidants, helps you adapt to stress, restore balance. It […]


Apple season is starting and I’m here for it! These soft, beautiful apple cookies are perfect for fall afternoons with your family. Maybe while doing a puzzle together. At least that’s how we enjoy them the most – with play. They are easy to make and don’t make a lot of mess, which is always […]


This year, Germany is flooded with apples. Wherever we drove lately, trees are so gorgeous, you can see tons of vibrant, red apples from far away. Of course, this means that we’re having tons of apples at home, not only because regional + seasonal food is the best to buy & eat, but also because […]