This year, Germany is flooded with apples. Wherever we drove lately, trees are so gorgeous, you can see tons of vibrant, red apples from far away. Of course, this means that we’re having tons of apples at home, not only because regional + seasonal food is the best to buy & eat, but also because […]


Time for a new, refreshing, nutritious side dish?   Look no further, mashed chickpeas are all you need.   I decided to diversify my hummus game a bit & came up with mashed chickpeas as a summer side dish. Sure, if I look outside my windows, there’s not a single sign of summer, but I […]


As the summer is approaching, my prefered foods change – I crave much more fresh foods, salads & all the eggplants (they are awesome, what can I say). Staying close to the stove, in all that heat is definitely not my favorite summer activity – I can only imagine it’s not your favorite neither. Therefore, […]


Oh, summer, wonderful summer!! I LOVE summer. I love Mediterranean summer!   I LOVE million deegres, skin melting in the sun, I LOOOOOOVE going to the beach, I love the whole summer vibes. I love the city filled with tourists, most of them just walking around having no idea where they are & where they’re […]


FINALLY! I’m super excited to share this gorgeous recipe! You’re gonna loveeee it! I swear I could just spoon the whole thing… Ok, who am I kiddin’ – you can totally find me in the kitchen, yoga pants, messy bun, standing in a tree pose, trying out spoon after spoon to decide if it’s worthy […]

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