Christmas is almost there, and you found out that your entire family has been secretly eating cookies & there’s almost nothing left. Time for last-minute banana cookies. I love them so much because they’re insanely easy to make AND there are endless ways to be creative with them. Now, because I know you don’t have […]


Ok, I’m gonna pretend it’s December & time for Christmas because I refuse to wait any longer. And the decorations appeared around the city, so it’s totally legit.   I’m currently visiting my hometown & it’s been so much fun – I am yet to figure out how to force myself to travel back home. […]


Knowing how amazing chocolate is ( super dark chocolate!), I was thinking we should celebrate it more often. Personally, I eat chocolate every single day, along wih the rest of my family – it’s our thing, taking care of our longevity all together. Being healthy is easy, after all. What’s important, though, is to become […]


I honestly don’t understand why it took me so long to create mango jam, but now it’s here & I’m so happy to share it with everyone!   Ok, ok – it took me so long because the only thing I do with mango is make a mango nice-cream. But since it’s not summer anymore […]


This year, Germany is flooded with apples. Wherever we drove lately, trees are so gorgeous, you can see tons of vibrant, red apples from far away. Of course, this means that we’re having tons of apples at home, not only because regional + seasonal food is the best to buy & eat, but also because […]


I gave it my best shot to wait with sharing cookies.. but it’s already October – now I can! I mean, it’s basically winter!   Baking cookies is probably one of my favorite activities EVER, especially all sorts of no-fail cookies, that are gonna be delicious no matter the skill level. I love making food, […]


Oh hell yeah – it’s time for me to share with you one of my absolute favorite bread spreads. In case you haven’t notice, breakfast foods are my favorite; it’s THE meal to incorporate healthy sweets to kick us off for the winning day. And breakfast is an important meal – you can hardly drive […]


It’s September! Which means we’re officially back into “I don’t want to get out of the warm bed/shower” time of the year. I thought we could celebrate with one of my favorite fall breakfasts – baked oatmeal. Also, apples are in season here, they’re everywhere, so it only made sense to make this recipe all […]


What’s up friends? I’m still not giving up on summer! We’ve currently on vacation & it’s a dream! If you’re not checking out my  Insta stories, you will want to do it – it’s like spending your days with me. 🙂 Since I’m refusing to give up summer although it’s kinda getting colder here, I […]

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