Lately I’ve been so into zucchini that I almost forgot to share my love for eggplant! Eggplant is one of those summer beauties that brings me straight to the shores of Mediterranean, it’s just such an amazing veggie. I love how versatile it is & I love how good it tastes roasted. 🙂   Although […]


I love pizza. I also love zucchini. And I love light dinners. Especially in the hot, summer evenings.   The only option I had is to combine all the things I love. The result? These magnificent pizza boats.   They’re one of those creative recipes you can play with & come up with new, unique […]


Oh, this recipe just screams SUMMER. Everything about it screams summer! Vibrant colors, lightness, delicious & it includes tomatoes + zucchini. What’s not to love?!   And lets not pretend – everyone loves pasta. Btw, do you prefer penne or spaghetti? I’m a spaghetti girl, I find them much more fun to eat, but the […]