Myths, stories, legends were always a part of being a human. More than anything, stories were part of HERstory.
Women, coming together, sharing breathtaking stories, from grandmothers to mothers, to daughters. While harvesting, cooking, braiding hair, bleeding.

Stories women kept telling are important part of HERstory – after all, we weren’t allowed to write books and share wisdom. So wisdom was kept through storytelling.

Stories keep wisdom alive. Whether they are deep myths or a simple wisdom of herbs, stories were always a part of womanhood, of how women connected.

The Buried Moon is one of the old folktales, keeping such wisdom. I’ve stumbled upon The Buried Moon a couple of times in the books about storytelling and women, and I wanted to share it with you because it’s relevant now, more than ever.
We’re creating a new chapter in HERstory, and this beautiful folktale is a powerful metaphor of what happens to society that buries the moon.

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Sending you lots of love!

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