Recently I’ve realized I’ve been spending too much time being serious and it wasn’t serving me right.

You may know the feeling, when you get caught up in everyday crap, doing business, running errands and million other small things that never seem to end.. Somewhere along the way, we forget that playfulness is a major part of living a meaningful life.

Funny thing is, many people believe they won’t be taken seriously if they’re having fun. They believe that, in order to be successful & follow your grand vision, you must be “boring adult” – doing all the adult stuff & forgetting the true essence of being human – joy, fulfillment, love, fun, playfulness, enjoying life.


I truly believe we are experiencing unique time in human history, when everything is shifting; including the definition of being adult. Although many people still believe that being a normal adult comes with being boring, the shift is happening – new generation of adults are not ready to conform to the outdated beliefs of the older generations. This is the train to hop on!


Having fun is essential aspect of living a fulfilling, self-loving life. Playing helps against stress and boosts creativity.

Therefore, not only is it fun, but it’s also helpful for doing the “adult” stuff.

I wanna share a few tips on fun in everyday life, so that you can incorporate more play instantly.


Include play in your business

Work can, but doesn’t have to be boring.

Especially if you’re running your own business, it may become lonely – I sometimes spend days without seeing human being except for my closest family. Another lovely catch of owning a business is that work NEVER stops – I know you feel me. It seems like the more time you spend working, you create more work for yourself. It’s just how our entrepreneurial, creative minds work.

It’s a wonderful thing, but there must be a line.

Hence, my first tips are:


Take regular breaks to do something fun;

I don’t care if you wanna dance, jump, do a headstand, take a walk or meditate – whatever is your idea of fun, do it. Not taking breaks drains energy, makes work seem horrible nightmare & can lead to emotional overeating just as using food as an excuse to take a break. It’s important to recognize any of these before it escalates & you feel terrible. You deserve breaks.

Stop working;

I know you are able to work 24/7 & your mind is always generating more ideas of what could be done, but creating a life-work balance is crucial. Set a time when you’re DONE for the day & create a special ritual to separate work from the rest of the life.

Yes, I know this sounds harsh & I know you would love to work all day all night, but it’s not worth it in a long run. You’ll burn out. Everyone needs a balance.

Do tasks differently;

To spark creativity and have more fun, you want to be playful – try different approaches to the task at hand. If you’re brainstorming, try doodling, jot down some notes, try mind-mapping, draw on a whiteboard, pretend to be teaching the subject to the room full of imaginary students. While you’re at it, put some colors in your tasks. Be a child, go as crazy as possible. Your best ideas probably won’t come when staring at the blank page on google docs.


Include play in your life

When you focus on having fun, you will soon see that play can be included in everything. Having fun is not a separate aspect of life; except if you choose so. Fun is something you can infuse in everything you do.

Create a fun playlist;

I have a whole set of songs I tend to listen and dance to when doing boring tasks; whether it’s folding laundry or cleaning the floor, it becomes much more fun when dancing and singing is involved. And no, it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it. I’m not either.

Surround yourself with fun stuff;

Cool decorations are everywhere, funny quotes can be on mugs, posters, photos, pillows etc. – choose a few awesome decorations you absolutely love and put them somewhere you can see them often. If it makes you smile, it’s enriching your life in the right way!

Choose fun and make it a priority;

As with all aspects of self-love and fulfilling life, fun won’t happen alone. If you live a boring life, every day, over and over again, there’s zero chance fun will knock on your doors and beg you to include it in your life. You need to choose and prioritize having fun. If needed, schedule fun activities, no matter how silly they sound. 3pm-3:30pm – dancing time. It’s as simple as that. And when you know you’re gonna have some serious fun, that alone will be enough to awaken some excitement! If you have the opportunity, share your fun activities with others, bonus points if there are kids involved. Kids are PROS at having fun; learn for them.

Try something new;

Having fun doesn’t have to mean doing a sudoku or dancing. It can be learning something new, especially if you do it with people you love. Take some cool course with a family member, go learn some new sport, or bowling, or language. Learning is an excellent way of having fun; when you’re a beginner at something, it often seems extra exciting. Use that!

Playful kitchen;

As I always say, kitchen is a playground. Make it your new thing to try out new, delicious recipes on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe it becomes regular on your menu! Let fun take over; music, dancing, creativity. Don’t be rigid at following the recipe, add it your own spin.


Being curious is a goldmine of playfulness. Just remember how children are; touching everything, experimenting, asking themselves “what would happen if I try…” They are living in a moment, learning, having fun and being curious. By doing this, it so happens that they pick up on new ideas quickly – ever saw how fast children can learn? That’s because they’re curious, not judgemental and not afraid to explore. Also, they don’t worry if they’re making a mistake. Learn from children.


Closing thoughts

I hope these tips get your creative juices flowing & allow you to come up with your own, unique ways to include more fun in your life.

Remember that beliefs about being a grown-up = not being allowed to have shitload of fun are outdated. They’re history; we’re here to make a future.

Speaking of future, wouldn’t it be freakin’ amazing if, a year from now, you’d look back and have your mind-blown at how much you’ve achieved?

If you’re ready for INSANE results in 2019; join 2019 WITH VISION, my extremely popular vision board challenge where I share all of the secrets that allow me to live a life of my dreams!

Can’t wait to see you on the inside!



How do you make sure you’re having fun on a regular basis?

Was this article helpful for you? If so, share it with your friends – let’s make fun our collective priority & see where that leads us!


Lots of love,


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