As women, we may have learned that our appetite is bad. We must suppress it.
Our desires are bad. We must suppress them.We should always focus on being desirable, not having desires.Of course, separating ourselves from our hunger, physical and otherwise, created a foundation of unhealthy relationships with food, ourselves and our desires.

We are afraid of food, of ourselves, of our desires and of our emotions.We learned that our emotions are dangerous – it’s better to be quiet, good girl.
We should shrink, in any way possible. We should be quiet. We should tolerate.Well, no more.

Let’s start this year with opening up to our appetite, our emotions, our desires.
Let’s see what we’re really hungry for, what is it we truly desire? (Luci much? 🙂 )

Is it really the truth that we cannot trust our appetite?
Is it really the truth that our emotions are dangerous?
Should we really suppress our desires?
Should we stay hungry forever?I’d love to start untangling the stories of our hunger, emotions, desires, appetites.

Sending you lots of love!

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