What determines our food choices?


Answering his question was one of the breaking points for me – I realised that the key for any nourishing choices in life is self-love.

You see, I knew nutrition pretty well. Yet, I didn’t follow any of the guidelines I knew would do me good. I didn’t care about how much sugar I consumed, nor did I care how did the foods I ate affect my health.

Sure, I always ate my veggies because I love them, but I also ate a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream in like 10 seconds. Even though I a) knew it’s not serving me & b) wasn’t really hungry.


I had knowledge about nutrition, yet, there was a piece of puzzle missing.

Stuborn as I am, I decided I’m done with my pathetic food life & that I’ll figure that shit out. And figure it out I did! So glad to share it with you!


The key for any nourishing choices in life is self-love. Click To Tweet


The missing piece was self love.


While previously I made my food (and other) choices based on seeing myself as a fatass, as not good enough, or as worthless, after building a relationship with myself, I made choices from a place of self love.

Without particularly trying, my choices became nourishing. I was amazed, it was (like) magic.


You see, when we don’t fully accept & love who we are, it’s really hard to make nourishing choices. It’s hard to see why would we eat homemade, healthy cookies instead of just buying the cheapest possible ones from the nearby shop. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Is it much easier to give a few pennies for cheap cookies & devour them, then it is to combine banana, oats & nuts and bake them for 10 mins?

I don’t think so.


So, what’s the difference between people who buy cookies and those who choose to make healthy ones themselves?

You’ve guessed it – latter ones love & respect themselves much more.


(Note: nothing wrong with occasional cookie of any kind, eating cookie doesn’t make you a bad, not-self-loving person. It’s just an example. Don’t use it to judge yourself, please.)

Back when I thought I’m the biggest looser that ever lived, I had zero reasons to go “through the trouble” of making cookies instead of buying them. I had absolutely no reason to cook my own food instead of just heating the frozen one I bought. I had zero reason to consciously choose to eat oatmeal instead of chocolate for breakfast – if I ever had a breakfast, that is. Many of us dieting folks deeply believe breakfast would make us fat.

I also had no reason to exercise – except a month before summer, when the dieting urge was the highest. And that month I did exercise? I hated every single second of it & couldn’t understand for all the money in the world, why would anyone want + choose to go through that suffering.

Since I restriced myself of food, I filled up the gap with liters of coffee & trillions of cigatteres to forget how hungry + undernourished I was.


Neither of these choices, as you can recognize, came from a place of self love. Nothing I did came from a place of doing myself good. It came from a place of – I’m utterly useless & also fat.


I know this sounds like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I also know I’m not the only one who went/is going through this.


But at one point, I just had enough & I decided to heal.

I had zero idea how & I didn’t even understand wtf was wrong with me, but I was determined to find out & to improve.


My work, this time, didn’t start from the outside. This time, I didn’t start another diet hoping it would fix me + my entire life.

Instead, I focused on what’s going on inside my mind. I asked myself some tough questions. As I was determined to break through, I dug deeper & deeper.


What I found inside of me was just a little child, craving my own love.

I never payed attention to that. I never once considered giving a flying fuck about myself in order to change my life. But this time, it was different.

I saw, for the first time, that if I don’t build a strong relationship with myself & if I continue to ignore my own self, I’d never change anything in my life.


It wasn’t my body’s fault. It wasn’t the food. It wasn’t that I was broken.

It was only a matter of ignoring myself for so long & focusing on completely unimportant things, like if I weighted 5 pounds more or less.

Sooner than I thought, I became completely immersed in self discovery journey. The more I knew, the more I craved to know.


That’s when I stumbled upon the key to any lasting change.


It’s not in a meal plan, or an exercise plan, it’s not in – “THIS TIME I’LL MAKE IT TILL THE END”, or “this diet will turn my life around”.

It’s in our own minds. In our hearts. In the way we see ourselves.

Because, no matter the diet, no matter how many pounds you gain or lose – mirror cannot be your friend until you fall in love with a person looking back at you.

Changes don’t happen on the outside. They must come from the inside.


As I’ve built my relationship with myself & learned to accept my body as a magnificent instrument it truly is, choosing beautiful foods + all the nourishment became absolutely natural. Click To Tweet


For the first time in my life, I was able to walk all the way through the store, seeing all the different chocolates & candies and consciously, with a loving smile on my face, ignore all of them. Not because I was on a diet, but because I genuinely didn’t care for them.

It was absolutely freeing. I was absolutely free in my own body.

I never thought I’d be able to go grocery shopping without picking up a few cheap chocolates.

And then, it became my normal. Without me trying to push myself. Without me exercising my willpower. Without me saying I CAN’T eat this or that. Without me saying “Hey Nina, you’re fat, you can’t eat chocolate” while drooling all over them.

It all just became something I could eat if I cared for it, but I just don’t.


From this point on, I just grew and improved.

Every day I showed myself it’s possible, again & again. I gave myself freedom.

I claimed my worth. I learned I was enough, just the way I am. No matter the weight. No matter the abs or no abs. No matter what I ate.


Suddenly, life became so much clearer. Weight & food lost importance and I was finally able to focus on what truly matters in life.

On experiences. On finding myself & my purpose. On choosing to live my purpose. On choosing to live from a place of love. On finding peace, even in chaos.


My message for you today is simple:


It’s not about that new shiny diet. It’s not about restricting. It’s not about newest work-out plan. It’s not about outside.

It’s about inside.

When you focus on what’s inside of you, I promise you, you’ll find an amazing human being craving your love.

I know you’ll probably roll your eyes on me right now, but – find a child inside of you & nurture it. Give it all your attention. Get to know it.

It’s scared, alone, shivering & it needs you – no matter how much you’re rolling your eyes at the moment.


Take it slow, there’s no rush. You can only grow from here.

You’re just a decision away.


While you’re growing, you will notice how easy it is to choose nourishment over punishment. Because now, you’ll be choosing from a place of self love. There’s nothing more important in life.


And you know what?

Choosing to build a loving relationship with yourself is not only the most important decision you’ll ever make – it also creates a ripple effect.

Sure, food choices will naturally become nourishing. But that’s far from all.


Choosing to build a loving relationship with yourself is not only the most important decision you’ll ever make - it also creates a ripple effect. Click To Tweet


Do you think a new, self loving yourself will let anyone walk over her? I didn’t think so!

Do you think a new, self loving yourself will let anything stop her from achieving her dreams? Nope.

Do you think a new, self loving yourself will doubt her ability to conquer the world? She will not.


Self love will transform your entire life. Soon you won’t be able to recognize yourself anymore. You’ll be free to become all that you truly are.

Self love will transform your entire life. Click To Tweet


What’s the next step?


I’m right here for you, if you need guidance.

I’ve been exactly where you are & I know you can get the fuck out of that place & move aaaaaaaall the way to self love.

If you need help gettin’ there, reach out & I will lovingly guide you.


Just remember, you’re the one with the power.

Only you can choose who you’re becoming. Click To Tweet




Just go love yourself, girl. It’s worth the trouble.

Also, if you have someone you care for that you know needs to hear this, share it with them. Perhaps it’s THE click they need to turn their life around.


Lots of love,


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