Many women don’t even know they have a problem.
Sometimes it seems like diets, starving yourself and measuring your food are just normal parts of womans life. Nothing unusual – wherever we look, we see photos of women eating salad with a big fake smile on their faces, countless articles and videos about how to lose 10 pounds before summer quickly and forever, how to successfully avoid carbs, fats, calories or how to get your perfect body in just 3 weeks.
Often, diets are masked as “healthy lifestyle” – and to lead this “healthy” lifestyle, you must give up on a several food groups, otherwise you’re a failure.

As women, we are programmed to easily fall into trap of measuring our worth and health with numbers on the scale, amount of calories we eat, waits size, BMI, body fat percentage and similar crap. Our success is often connected to the way we look – which is not surprising at all, just remember all the compliments you got because of the weight you’ve lost and all the positive feedback you got when you were restricting and starving yourself. Subconsciously, many women connected success with weight loss – with successful dieting (which doesn’t exist).
With that belief, women start to believe that their lives will be better once they lose weight.
“When I lose weight, I’ll be happy.”
“When I’m thinner, I will love my body.”
“When I look like her, I will be happy with myself.”

Unfortunately, as someone who has seen ALL the different numbers on the scale, I can tell you with certainty – until I started focusing on what’s going on inside of me, none of those numbers brought me ease, satisfaction or self-love. The same goes for all the women I work(ed) with.
The truth is, obsession with calories, foods and diets takes your power away. Focusing on the numbers, whether it’s calories, inches or pounds, you give your power to the numbers. Focusing on diets takes the attention away from what really matters – your fear of not being good enough.

Worst of all – when the diet fails, and it will, you feel even worse, because you believe it’s your fault and, well, “you can’t even diet successfully”. Which only confirms your fear of not being good enough.
As you can probably imagine, this creates a horrible diet cycle, you restrict yourself and end up binge eating (because you’re hungry), then you restrict again – and through this entire process you feel guilt, shame and like you’re not good enough.

All of this means only one thing – food freedom is not just an option, it’s a necessity. It’s a MUST.

Food freedom may start with food, but it ends with transforming your entire life.
The reason for this is – your relationship with food is just a symptom. The process of freeing yourself from diets, calorie counting and putting your worth on a scale allows you to become a new person.
And even without that effect, food freedom is precious.

Imagine if you got hungry, went to eat whatever you wanted and didn’t judge yourself for your choice. You eat freely, without thinking “I’ll need to run half hour to burn this off”. Without thinking “Oh, this means I need to skip dinner”. Without thinking “This food has 30g carbs, I just can’t allow myself to eat this”.
Imagine going to the restaurant with your family and genuinely enjoying spending your time with them without food anxiety, like “Will they have something I can eat, some low calorie options, maybe I should order only a salad.. Maybe I should eat it without dressing.. Or maybe I just won’t eat for the rest of the day”.
Imagine the freedom of eating a cookie, or five, without guilt and shame.
Imagine the freedom where you can choose to eat whatever you want for lunch – no matter if it’s spinach or cake.

Best part of your food freedom?
When you let yourself eat unconditionally – whatever you want, whenever you want, as much as you want, food loses it’s power over you. Suddenly, cake is not so special.
The cookie you’re secretly watching all day at the office? That cookie has power only because you decided you’re not allowed to eat it. However, once you allow yourself to eat unconditionally, without guilt, shame or ruining a diet – it loses it’s importance. It becomes just a cookie, and it doesn’t matter at all whether you’ll eat it or not – you’re a worthy, awesome person in any case.

It’s just a human nature – when we see something a forbidden, it’s hard to stop thinking about it.
For example; don’t think about green elephant.
Of course, the first imagine that crosses your mind is a green elephant (cute, right). Completely normal: subconscious mind doesn’t understand negative statements.
Now imagine you forbid yourself to ever think about a green elephant, but everywhere around you are reminds of it. Pictures, green elephants walking, people talking about green elephants.. The same happens with food, right?
Add to it that your body is DESIGNED to survive, and food plays a pretty important role in your survival – of course it’s going to send ALL the signals to make you eat. It just wants you to live.

Food freedom is a new way of living, where your worth doesn’t depend on the food you eat, how much you eat or how much you weigh.
It’s a way of living where food is a delicious fuel for your beautiful body, it serves to support you and offer you pleasure.
Food becomes just a delicious tool that helps you live your best life.

I know, dramatic change like this can be scary. My clients are often scared to let go of control, thinking that their bodies can’t be trusted. One of the greatest fears is that, if they let themselves eats unconditionally, they will never stop eating. Especially the foods they labeled as bad.

The truth is, they’ve been out of contact with their bodies for so long that the idea that their bodies know exactly what they need and know much seems like a science fiction.
Fortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Yes, starting is challenging. Letting go of controlling your every bite, listening to your intuition after so much time is not an easy task. Which is why it’s best to work with someone who can support you on your journey, someone who you know can guide and support your food freedom.

Dedicating yourself to yourself, taking full responsibility for your life – starting with food, and making yourself a full authority in your life takes a lot of courage.
But the freedom that comes out of this adventure is bigger than anything you’ve ever expected. You come out of it as a powerful woman, filled with confidence and nothing can stop you.
Imagine being a woman in her power. Never wasting a moment of your life again, standing in front of a mirror, hating your belly, thighs, legs, thinking you’re not good enough because of it.
Instead, you spend your time creating your best life, while changing the world in the process.
This freedom is available to you.

The fear that you will, when allowing yourself to eat unconditionally, eat forever, all day every day, mostly pizza, donuts and fries is real, but unnecessary.
You see, your body has only one goal – optimal health so that you can survive and thrive. If you’re connected to your body, if you listen to it – what foods do you think it will want? Foods that help it with the goal of keeping you healthy and alive, or ONLY those that don’t serve it in a positive way, as far as nutrient density is concerned?
Food freedom results in eating in a balanced way. All foods belong to your eating world.
And, all foods serve a point, even the ones that are least nutritionally dense. Some of them are there just to feed your pleasure. Your pleasure is part of your health too.

So, ladies, how about committing to food freedom?
Believe me, the results will be greater than any diet could ever offer you.
Because you’re worthy of living your dream life, no matter what any numbers say. Your worth comes from within. You’re already 100% worthy. Now, in a body that you NOW have.

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