So you’ve been eating when not biologically hungry?

Let’s talk about that!


You know it’s my favorite subject in the world, because I believe we all deserve to be free – and food freedom is a major aspect of overal freedom. Mostly because it’s only a symptom; a sign that something else in your life may be out of balance, maybe there’s freedom lacking in other aspects of your life.


I once heard some guy say something along the lines of; if you wanna lose weight, focus on what’s wrong with other areas of your life.

What this means is – those of us who struggle with unhealthy relationship with food often use food as a coping mechanism when life gets hard.

But not only when it gets hard – how about those times when it.. doesn’t get anything at all? When you’re just so freakin’ bored?

When you get up, do the things you must be doing, and when you’re done with doing all these crappy things you don’t really care about – you finally get some “free time”.

And then.. you don’tknow what to do with yourself.

What else is there to do than eating?

You know the kind – eating way more than needed, for no reason aside from major – wtf should I be doing with my life?!


Honestly, boredom is a major trigger for me – all of the foods seem delightful when there’s nothing else to do.


(And just in case you thought – eating out of boredom doesn’t even necessarily mean eating junk food. It can mean overeating on healthy stuff too! What’s healthier than kale is a healthy relationship with food.

Because, if you eat 5 pounds of broccoli, you’re gonna feel bloated, shitty & all that thrill that comes with overeating. It doesn’t matter what you overeat with; the result is not gonna be comfortable. Just wanted to clarify that, because what people often think is – binging is eating shitload of icecream out of a bowl. And it is, but it’s not only that.

I had a situations where I stuffed myself with walnuts or something like that. It’s a wonderful snack, but there’s a huge difference in eating 5-10 walnuts & a bag of them. One feels shitty.)


Back to the topic 🙂

I mean seriously, remember those times when life was EXCITING? You know, you’d get up all pumped for a new day, doing all those fun things that seem to have a huge meaning. Life felt amazing.

You were fulfilled. You were full of life.


Did you spend time overeating back then? Of course not. You probably barely remembered you need to eat, when you were reminded by LOUD stomach rumbling in a very silent situation – because that’s when it usually happens.

Then you picked up something, ate enough to feel satisfied & moved on with your exciting life.


You didn’t need a diet, you didn’t need restrictions, you didn’t need to count anything. You were too busy living a life.


If you can’t think of any times like that, think of when you were just a little child; you were all about playing, living a life & your parents probably had to chase you around to eat (not that it was the best decision to do; forcing children to eat) – you didn’t care for food because you were too busy exploring, living, enjoying life.


Girlfriend, this is how it’s supposed to be!

Live is meant to be truly lived. We’re all meant to be excited about our future.


Do you honestly think you were created to count calories?



You were created to go for it. To give it your best shot. To thrive. To contribute to the world.


So, what I’m gonna suggest is – next time you think about starting a new fad diet, stop. Take a new kind of diet – mental diet. Ditch everything that’s not serving you, everything that’s draining you. Work on your inner wellbeing. Work on your life balance. Work on your vision for life.

Trust me, food will become almost meaningless. Just a lovely fuel that you need to be able to conquer the world.

And that’s all it’s supposed to be.


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Because when you know what you’re put on this planet to do, when you know you can have it – you don’t need food to fill your emptyness. You simply thrive.

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Can you remember the times you were fulfilled?

What needs to happen for you to have these times again?


Lots of love,


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