Journaling was an element of wellbeing I was a bit hesitant to try – I’ve left the “dear diary” practice back in the childhood & wasn’t sure it’s for grown ups.

However, the more I embarked my own self-love journey, the more journaling kept showing up. Whatever books, articles, programs & amazing people I was learning from, journaling was a part of the puzzle.

I decided to give it a try once again. That was almost 2 years ago, I’m still amazed!


One of the best decisions ever. Something magical happens when our pen touches the paper.

We tend to get busy with life & journaling allows us to get back to ourselves. When we create a habit of having meaningful conversation with ourselves, our quality of life increases.

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It’s not about “dear diary” – it’s about exploring your deepest thoughts & expressing them. You can also journal about your goals (future pacing style), hold a gratitude journal, or a food journal – for getting to know how certain foods make you feel or how’s your intuitive eating going.

Having journaling prompts or buying a journal that already has a structure to follow helps a lot, because it allows us to tune into a specific challenge or lets us get to know ourselves better.

Mind provoking questions are my favorite – free writing answers gives me a new perspective almost every single time.


As usual, start small – you don’t wanna start all journaling practices at once and abandon them within a week or two.

I’d recommend starting with daily gratitude journal, list 3-5 things you’re grateful for & why. Just this simple habit will improve the quality of your life, because you will be focusing on the positive.

Skill of focusing on the positive is definitely crucial for living a fulfilled life, especially considering that people mostly focus on the negative through the day. It’s not our fault, though – our brains are wired to survive + to protect us, and noticing all the “dangers” is essential for protection.

What we focus on, expands – therefore, we wanna spend our time focusing on the good.

What we focus on, expands - therefore, we wanna spend our time focusing on the good. Click To Tweet

But that’s not all journaling can help us with.

Writing down all the negative thoughts, worries & stressful thoughts is also beneficial, for two reasons:

    • it’s a form of cleaning, getting rid of these thoughts by putting them on the papers. Once they are written, their intesity in our minds fades away. Also, articulating them instead of letting them just hang out at the back of our minds helps minimizing the effect they have on us – and often makes us realise how silly they really sound outside our head.


  • it allows us to challenge these thoughts. When you’re done writing all of the worries, you can ask yourself “Is this really true?”. For deeper questions to make sure you win the challenge, download my Guide to challenge negative thoughts in the Freebie section. It’s amazing how negative thoughts lose their power when written down & challenged.

Of course, for intense negative beliefs you may need some extra help, in which case hiring a coach is really useful – without external help, I wouldn’t be able to step outside my limits & live a life of freedom. It’s powerful!

Journaling can also help us increase how mindful we are; reflecting on the past experiences & extracting the lessons or just celebrating them has a profound effect on the depth we live our lives with. It helps us focus, be more present & get to know ourselves better.

Asking ourselves “why”, “what does it mean to me” is a practice that can completely change your life.

So many people roam through life never knowing what drives them, leaving them feeling kinda empty. To live a life with purpose, we must know what do we care about & why.

To live a life with purpose, we must know what do we care about & why. Click To Tweet

Here’s where journaling prompts with mind-bending questions can help. Having prompts allows us to focus on a certain aspect & open up a space to cultivate new perspectives. When we express ourselves freely, without editing or thinking to much, we allow the deepest parts of ourselves to come through. We can understand ourselves better & with understading, comes appreciation.

Practiting understanding ourselves better leads to more self-love. Because of this, journaling about our body & how magnificent it is can transform our relationship with ourselves. When we allow ourselves to see & appreciate all that our body does for us, without attaching “yeah yeah, but I’m still fat/ugly/whatever”, it becomes harder to judge our body for the way it looks.

Body appreciation always brings me to 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions happening per second to keep us healthy & alive – that right there is a nice journaling prompt;

  • How does that fact make you feel?
  • Does it blow your mind?
  • Considering that, how important is it to fit in those jeans?
  • How important is it to nurture the body to be able to make all these 37 thousand billion billion cheamical reactions to the best of its ability?
  • How freakin’ amazing are you?


We can also plan the future and create it – we can decide how we can design the future, how we can contribute to improvement, starting now. We can discover who are we becoming, what are we going towards. Aside from the benefits of carving the path, journaling can also help us adapt – if we notice we’re moving in the wrong direction by writing our thoughts down, we can consciously choose to adjust to the new situation.

Being flexible is one of the keys to a fulfilling life.

Designing the future with pen & paper is incredibly powerful practice – our subconscious mind begins accepting it as familiar. Whatever our subconscious mind accepts as familiar, it will move us towards it. So, design your future in a present tense & let the subconscious mind take over.

Designing the future with pen & paper is incredibly powerful practice - our subconscious mind begins accepting it as familiar. Click To Tweet

If you are rolling your eyes now thinking this is too woo-woo, it’s not. It’s actually a simple science – as mentioned earlier, our brain is obsessed with protecting us. One of the greatest ways of keeping us safe is to try stopping us from trying anyhting new. In the ancient times of saber-tooth tigers, trying new stuff could easily mean getting eaten. Wondering too far from our tribe & familiar teritory could mean death.

Our brains are wired to search what’s familiar, because familiar meant alive.

Nowadays, though, familiar is sometimes not where we wanna stay forever. Therefore, helping our subconscious mind to accept new level of familiar will help us move forward in life.

Studies also shows that journaling improves our cognitive function, emotional intelligence, boosts our memory & improves our communication skills. All of which completely makes sense considering that writing is a form of communication, and answering some hard questions stretches our minds in a new direction.

Journaling improves our cognitive function, emotional intelligence, boosts our memory & improves our communication skills. Click To Tweet


To help you embark on his life-changing journey of becoming your best friend, I’ve created a few amazing journaling prompts to get you started! You can access them in our Freebie library, along with tons of other great resources to kick-start your self-love!

Closing thoughts

Considering these undisputable benefits of journaling, it’s really worth giving it a try. I was sceptic at the beginning as well, now I have ca 5 full notebooks & run to my journal often. It has expanded my awareness, made myself my best friend & allowed me to get over certain situations easily thanks to growing in understanding.

Best of all, it has increased my self-love because of all the new ways I was able to understand myself, my thoughts, my reactions & lessons I’ve learned from them.



Are you journaling? What are your thoughts on it? How does it improve your life?


Lots of love,

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