Our cycle has everything to do with how we show up in life.
Just like Mother Nature, we ebb and flow through seasons – every month!

Yes, we may have learned to ignore our cycle, to pop a pill, to suppress it, to hide it – and acknowledge it only when something goes wrong.
Yes, we may live in a world where it’s still considered shameful and dirty (and you know, from HERstory, that this was deeply ingrained in us, but it’s not our story anymore!).
Yes, we live in patriarchal society where our greatest source of power is seen as weakness.
Where we feel like we must “master” our bodies, “master” ourselves – it’s a very popular concept.

But you know what?

We deserve BETTER.

Our bodies are not puppets to be mastered, our bodies are live, wise organisms. Our bodies KNOW WTF they are doing – after all, your heart beats effortlessly, your blood flows, your digestion works WITHOUT you needing to master anything.

We deserve BETTER.

Our blood is beautiful and sacred, not dirty! Period blood is proof that humanity can continue to exist. All thanks to you and your amazing body.
Our blood is testament to your resilience, your power. You bleed for days every month and live. How is that not magical?

We deserve BETTER.

Our cycle is sacred. It’s our home, our deepest connection to Mother. Our cycle deserves to be acknowledged, honored and loved.
Our cycle impacts our bodies, relationships, sex, motherhood, work, movement, everything. Where we are in our cycle is intertwined into all we do, say and are.

How about we start connecting with it?

We’ll be talking about why is our cycle so important, how it shows up in life and what can we do to come back home, to connect with our gorgeous nature.
You’ll learn about different phases and how amazing they are!
Let us take one more step on our journey of coming home.
She’s waiting, with her arms wide open.

All we need to do is relax and let ourselves fall. Back into wild. Watch here:

Sending you lots of love!

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